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What the heck is a BB Cream? What is the difference between a Tinted Moisturiser and a Foundation? Featuring Dior Nude BB Cream, Jouer Moisture Tint & Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum

The number one question I get from readers, friends, family and anyone I talk about makeup with is 'WHAT IS A BB CREAM?' they always ask in a frustrated, what am I missing out on? Voice. Let me be your makeup Veronica Mars for this post and answer all your burning questions......Let me start by saying cosmetic companies can name a products whatever they like 'BB' or 'CC' doesn't necessarily mean there is anything different about the actual product itself, it's all just marketing buzz words.

Dior Nude BB Cream $48.00 available from
BB Creams (Blemish Balms, Beauty Balms, Beblesh Balm) originated in Korea, traditionally containing Whitening Agents, Zinc Oxide, Vitamin E and other ingredients to combat blemishes and lighten skin whilst wearing an all in one base. Tinted with a light colour and designed to oxidise to the skins natural colour, most applying with a grey tone base which neutralises redness.
None of the Western beauty brands have released a BB Cream in the traditional sense, whitening ingredients aren't popular and pink toned western skin tones don't take grey under toned products well. 
If you are more inclined to try the 'Best of the West' in BB Creams Dior's new BB Cream from the Nude line is beautiful, it glides onto the skin and is very hydrating. It does oxidise, like Korean versions do. If you are thinking of buying it make sure to test the 3 shades on your face and wait at least 20 minutes and then check in natural light which is your best colour match. The smoothing pore refining quality comes from the high amount of silicone in this product, which allows other makeup to sit well on top of it. 
If you would like to try a traditional BB Cream Dr Jart Water Based BB Cream is my fave REVIEW HERE! If you have skin problems and you are looking for a base product to help your acne whilst giving you some coverage then try Jane Iredale's Glow Time BB Cream is fantastic and available HERE.
Are you happy with the base products you already use? If the answer is yes, then you probably do not need a BB Cream. I do not recommend any product with whitening agents in them because they can lead to long term pigmentation problems. A BB Cream is not going to change your life.
 Jouer Illuminizing Moisture Tint $42.50 available from
 Tinted Moisturiser is lighter in opacity than a foundation with more moisturising qualities to it than a traditional foundation most contain high SPF ratings.
Most tinted moisturisers have driven my very naturally oily skin mad, creating oil slicks all over my face especially in high school. The Jouer Illuminating Moisture Tint is the only light coverage velvet to slightly matte finish base product I have ever tried. So if you have oily skin to the point where the Rainbow Warrior might be called in to contain the slick, and you don't like a heavy coverage then try the Jouer line. Oily skin is somehow seen as being bad and I am constantly recommended products with high coverage to wear, but I don't need high coverage because it makes my skin even oilier and I don't have any blemishes really. It is very annoying....Is anyone else in this boat?
I would recommend tinted moisturiser if you have dry skin or are wanting to swap to a base product containing SPF. If you mix your everyday moisturiser
and foundation do you get a tinted moisturiser....YES! Can you make your own....YES!
Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum $32.00 available from
Foundation is an all over tinted skin base in varying opacity and shades to match skin tones, applied all over the face and neck to create a veil covering skin imperfections.
So I am not going to go into all of different foundations available, I'm just going to tell you about my favourite : Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Foundation which is a dupe for the Chanel Vita Lumier and Vita Lumier Aqua Foundations. It is a light weight gel consistency which is very blendable, it melts into the skin giving sheer coverage and a glowing dewy hydrated natural look. I like applying it with my fingers, the warmth from your fingers will help blend the foundation into the skin rather than have the product sit on top of the skin which is the result I get when using a buffing brush. It doesn't cover redness from blemishes so you will need to conceal them after applying the foundation, not before.

If you have your base routine down to a fine art and you are happy with it, then NO. If you like to try new products and you are looking to switch it up then YES. Are all three products the same? technically YES, they are all base products which tint the skin they only vary with opacity and ingredients like SPF and silicons.

Hope this post has cleared up any pesky questions about BB Creams and you are less confused and not more confused by my descriptions. Please leave any questions or comments below and follow me on Twitter because I tweet like a maniac. All links are below.

Please PLEASE do yourself a favour and watch Dusty Hunter's YouTube video on the differences between BB Creams, Tinted Moisturises and Foundations....He is an amazing resource for the makeup curious and I watch everyone of his videos.

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