Monday, 20 May 2013

Asian Sheet Face Masks ....So Creepy! Feat. SKII, Astalift, PureDerm & Barrier Mask

Pure Derm GreenTea Mask, SKII Collegen Mask, Barrier Repair Mask, Astalift Moisture Mask

Lets start this post by my personal recommendation to not be seen by ANYONE at all whilst having a sheet mask on your face, especially do not answer the door to the postman, FaceTime, SnapChat or Skype anyone either. Trust me, out of experience this mask is best done alone at night time when you have the house to yourself because you will look terrifying and creepy with the mask on.
What is the difference between Sheet Masks and a standard mask that comes out off a tube? Sheet Masks have been popular in the Asian Market for some time, the theory is the sheet/fabric mask traps the active ingredients so the skin absorbs them more efficiently. The ingredients in Sheet Masks vary, there are Green Tea based masks for brightening, Rice-Protein based masks for boosting natural collagen's and Hyaluronic Acid based masks for chemical exfoliation. All are worth trying out, except I would steer clear of any 'Whitening' masks because they can cause pigmentation issues.
The best thing about these masks is they are great to travel with, they wont take up heaps of room in your makeup case and they wont leak throughout your bag. After a long haul flight your skin needs a big hydrating surge and sheet masks are perfect for that. 
Below is a truly terrifying GIF of me attempting to apply a Sheet Mask, enjoy and please LOL at how creepy it is.

SKII and AstaLift are available from Prices start from $57.00

PureDerm and Barrier Masks are available from your local Asian Beauty Supply Store, there is also a great range of Masks on Hong Kong Based The single masks prices start from $2.50 which is super cheap!

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