Monday, 6 May 2013

Beauté Gazette LOVES Orly Nailtrition

Orly Nailtrition $10.95/9ml $19.95/18ml available from

My nails have in a terrible way at the moment... flaky, chipping tearing, thin, weak and discoloured. I have even been going nail polish free to try and get them to a more healthy looking state rather than having gremlin crypt keepers nails. 
Then I tried Orly's Nailtrition, it smells different to any other nail strengthener or polish a more medicinal smell - which I am really into. Considering that I enjoy the smell of nail polish because it makes me feel relaxed, its not that weird at all. The formulation is thicker than a regular polish, but is just as fluid and not sticky at all. The finish of Nailtrition reminds me of a french manicure base, slightly pink-toned and with a reflective mirco-shimmer - so basically its not clear. The longevity of it is absolutely incredible, only the box it reads 'remove after one week' after reading that in my head I was thinking 'yeh right, as if it will last that long..give it 2 days' but it totally did! I ended up removing it after 6 days without any chips or any nail catastrophes. 
After removing the nail treatment my nails surface texture was smoother and my nails were definitely more healthy looking. The ingredients list collagen, bamboo extract, protein & keratin, I'm not sure how these help your nails but they did and I am going to continue to use Nailtrition on its own and layered under polishes.

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