Tuesday, 26 February 2013

CoverGirl + Olay Pressed Powder

CoverGirl + Olay Pressed Powder Compact $16.95 available from www.priceline.com.au

Humidity in Sydney has been off the richter this past week, we have all been walking about in a sticky mess. The perfect time to test out a new pressed powder...right?!?
My skin is usually combination oily on the T-Zone and fairly normal around the the other areas, it varies from Winter to Summer and I generally only use a powder in Summer. When applying a powder I try not to over powder and stick to the areas which get oily the quickest chin, nose and forehead avoiding areas that makeup creases in like around the eye area. 
CoverGirl's other Pressed Powder's usually have a very distinct 'Nanna' smell (musk and cloves) this one doesn't, personally I quite like the 'Nanna' smell but I know it's definitely not for everyone. The Powder doesn't come with a puffy thing which is like a revolution! No-one uses those germ filled sponges and puffs, ewwww. I like to apply it with a large fluffy Real Techniques Powder Brush in sweeping motions rather than patting it into my skin, this seems to work well and doesn't cake during the day. It is more of a setting powder rather than the coverage say a mineral powder gives - evening out skin tone without giving too much extra coverage. 
Try it out if you are desperate to de-slick during this humidity wave and don't want to break the budget.

Nella xx

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