Thursday, 21 February 2013

My New Nude.....So fresh!

With this beautiful weather and my summer skin slightly more sun kissed than usual, rather than going crazy with colour I have been gravitating towards nude - if you know me this is very out of character!

1. Neom Luxury Candle in 'Refresh' $99.00 available from
Holy Moly! This is an amazing candle. Neom is talked about by a lot of beauty bloggers from the UK, which is how I found out about them. Made from natural soy wax and essentials oils they are super pungent, the 3 wick candle fills a large room with a strong scent. The scents are very natural smelling rather than candles that are named after the coast lines of Italy and are completely artifical.

2. The Balm Girls Lipstick in 'Mai Billsbepaid' $19.95 available from
There is a time and a place for a bright lip, and for me that is not everyday. 'Mai Billsbepaid' (hilarious name!) is a satin finish rosey-nude which just pulls everything together. It is the perfect handbag lipstick  so you are ready to look put together in a matter of minutes. Also I have been experimenting with some pretty full on eye looks - like heaps of glitter and liner which would look way showgirls with a bright lip and 'Mai Billsbepaid' has been a match made in heaven.

3. Stila Smudge Stick in 'Angel Fish' $32.00 available from
Oh new beauty trick alert! Feeling tired? Using a nude kohl liner on the inner rim of your eyelid completley opens up your eyes and wakes you up in seconds.

4. Max Factor Glossfinity Nail Polish in 'Angel Eyes' $11.95 available from
Rose gold is totally 'A Thing' at the moment, the trim of choice for many accessories - nails are an accessory too. The Max Factor Glossfinity polishes are just enough Rose Gold just enough irresdent shimmer to be the perfect accent nail on a pastel mani. If you don't know what I am talking about search 'Accent nail' on Pinterest.

5. Kester Black Nail Polish in 'Butter Cream' $16.00 available from
If you don't know already - I have a broken toe. It is the most annoying thing ever....Aghhhhhh. It stays bound up in tape with the toes next to it and will remain that way for several months. Not wanting to draw any unnneccarssay attention to my foot I have been favoring nudes when giving myself a pedi. Kester Black is a brilliant line of Australian polishes, 'Butter Cream' is a beautiful neutral suede taupe and a dupe for Dior's 'Safari.

6. Stella McCartney 'Carrington' Sandal £178.12 available from
STELLA!!!!!!!! Oh Stella, these 'Carrington' Sandals are everything I have been looking for in a summer heel. Patent and posh in just the right way, not too high and with rosey-gold hardware which give them an edge. Now I just need the Stella McCartney 'Day of the Week' undies to further continue my love affair with all generations of the McCartney's.

xoxo Nella

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