Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Best of Becca Box Set

Best of Becca Box Set $85.00 each available from

Becca is a brand I have heard lots about and have always been curious to try. Waltzing through David Jones I stopped by the Becca counter and started talking to the sales rep, she had amazingly flawless skin and popping lashes and vowed she was only wearing Becca products. The product I was desperate to try out was the Shimmering Skin Perfector in Opal - thanks again Lisa Eldridge...but I couldn't justify the price and size for a liquid highlighter knowing I wouldn't use it every day and it would take a few gazillion years to get through. So the Best of Becca Box Set seemed like a great way to test out a few more products and at $85.00 you receive over $150.00 worth of products.

Shimmering Skin Perfector in Opal (sample size) $66.00 Full Size
Oh heavens above this is the most beautiful highlighting cream ever! It is a halo in a tube! Seriously! When applied to the cheekbones and temples and blended out it creates a glowing sheen to the s kin. Used on its own on top of a light dewy foundation dabbed on and blended with your fingers or if you like a more heavy coverage mix a little of it with your foundation on the back of your hand before you apply it. If this mini sample runs out I am definately buying the full size.

Resurfacing Primer Line and Pore Minimizing (full size) $55.00
I had a really terrible experience with a Laura Mercier and have been on the look out for a primer free of silicone and fragrance - which Becca's is! Applying the primer it stinks into the skin rather than sitting on top like a silicone based primer would, then I wait a couple of minutes....this is very important. Even between moisturizing and then applying foundation you need to wait. It will let the product and skin merge, the heat from your skin can also effect products blending and absorbing. It is still Summer here and nearly 40 degrees everyday so it hasn't stopped my skin from being oily throughout the day but it has helped.

The Ultimate Mascara in 'Brown' (full size) $45.00
This was the most disapointing product I have bought in about a year! I am contemplating taking this back to the Becca counter...insert sad/mad face here!..... It is completely dried out, like completely! You cannot even apply it to your lashes because it is so gritty. I totally got a dud - completely under whelming. Should I take it back? I don't know what to do.....Has anyone tried Becca's mascara? Is it a dry formula? Oh I just smelt it....totally rancid. Ewwww this is so not going anywhere near my eyes.

Eye Tint in 'Baroque' (full size) $42.00
A flat warm taupe brown - no shimmer or glitter. Usually liquid and cream shadows are applied with fingers...but this is far too runny and you would have it half way down your face if you tried that. Try blending it out onto the back of your hand and then using a flat shadow brush apply it to your eyes. This is a beautiful on its own and call me crazy I am thinking of using it to contour with?!? 

Beach Tint in 'Grapefruit' (full size) $42.00
These are so cute, perfect for a 'no makeup / makeup' look, giving your cheeks a very subtle wash of colour and a dewy finish - I love! They don't work too well on top of a matte foundation because they are so dewy so stick to a lighter base when wearing these.

Overall I think this is a great way to test the waters of a new brand if you are curious, especially if you cannot justify splurging on something major in one go. Apart from the disgusting mascara which I'm sure is from like 1992 and is super old and completely off and rancid. Next up on my Becca wish list are their new Mineral Tint 30+ Sunscreen and also the brushes look like they would be amazing too.

xxx Nella

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  1. Hey Nella! kisses! I have used becca since the day that shiz came out. I always loved it. They used to do a beautiful irridecent(sp?!) highlighter, kinda like the tom ford illuminate from the shade an illuminate pallette and were the first brand i saw making a good eye gloss. Anyway, the cheek tint is amazing but, after a while it gave me bad cheek and lip ezcema, and i don't have ezcema. The eye tint is amazing however and you are right, it works really well as a cheek contour thats how i'd used it for years before tom ford. the cheek tint creme compact is really great and very pigmented, kind of a dewier version of stilas convertible colour. anyways, lots of kisses, sorry for my horrendous spelling this doesnt have spell check xxx


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