Wednesday, 23 January 2013

DIY Textured Tips Mani featuring Kester Black Nail Polish!

Throughout summer I have been totally obsessed with ice-cream pastel polishes, my fingers painted in an assortment of sorbets thought the seasonal heat wave. Bored with the regular glossy mani I decided to switch it up trying out a matte topcoat and high gloss tip.

Products used:
Nail File, Orange Stick, Kester Black 'Mat Top Coat' $16.00, Kester Black Nail Polish in 'Bubblegum' $16.00, Sally Hansen Diamond Shine Top Coat $16.95, Fine craft paint brush.

1. File your nails into a squarish shape - this works best for a tip. Push cuticles back to elongate your nails. Apply polish as normal, Kester Black's 'Bubblegum' was opaque and perfect in 2 coats.

2. Apply Kester Black's 'Matt Top Coat' to your nails as you would a regular topcoat. It dries really quickly and doesn't have that weird velvet texture some matte coats have.

3. Pour a small amount of the Sally Hansen Diamond Shine Topcoat on to a scrap of paper, load up your paint brush with the topcoat, starting in the middle of the nail and working out to the corners of your nail paint your tips. Allow at least 30min dry time and voila Textured Tips.

Kester Black products available from
Sally Hansen products available from

xx Nella

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