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Halloween Hair Icons

Halloween can be a bit daunting for most girls costume-wise unless you are totally into being a Sexy Nurse or Naughty Witch - which is cool (not really). If you are wanting to keep your cool and just have a touch of the dress-ups this Halloween sans a wig and tasteless excuse of a completely slutty outfit. Here are a few options to go with -  you probably can mix and match items that are already in your wardrobe and with a few makeup tricks you will be in costume without even having to go near any fake blood or worry you will be mistaken for stripper.
Brigitte Bardot was such an iconic blonde bombshell, she was all about hair and eyes without being too risque. She was often in all black - which makes your outfit a sinch - Team a pair of high-waisted black skinny pants or with a cute little black jumper, if you can shimmy it off your shoulders even better. 
This look is all about the hair and the eyes, so back comb your hair and liberally spray dry shampoo to get masses of volume, then pin the top crown of your hair to create a voluminous bouffant - you can then leave the bottom half out in a half up / half down style or you can pin it all under like in the photo above - add a black velvet ribbon and voila!
Makeup is key with this look, start by applying your eye makeup not your base - that way if you have any fall out you can correct it easily. Brigitte often had very exaggerated cat eyeliner, using a very precise liner, I like Eyeko Skinny Liquid liner $16.95 map out your cat eye shape and then fill it in, making sure the flick is very defined. Applying thick lashes will help exaggerate the liner even more - these Katy Perry Lashes in 'Oh My' $11.90 will open up your eyes and make them pop. To blend your natural lashes into the the falsies apply lashings of thickening mascara Eyeko FAT mascara $25.45 will blend the lashes without making them spiky and stiff.
Use a light base and a pale pink lippy to finish off your look.  
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The 1940's Pinup look is always a great option for Halloween, you probably have a little vintage dress at the back of your wardrobe which would be perfect. If you do need to go on the hunt for a dress in your favourite second hand stores look for anything with a defined-waist and think glamour.
Rolling curls and red lips will pull the look together, so pop on a luxurious dressing gown, pour yourself a glass of champagne before starting your hair and makeup. When putting in hot rollers it is important your hair is smooth and tangle free - give your hair a good brush through and work from the base of your neck up,  BaByliss Pro Hot Rollers $109.00 will give you big kink free barrel curls. I love doing my makeup when I have a full head of rollers - it feels like you are a complete starlet. Leave the rollers in for as long as possible, when removing them slowly unroll them give your hair a good spritz of hairspray and brush out with a bristle brush to give that polished old Hollywood glamour look.
Makeup is very classic, apply your base using mattifying products and top with a powder to avoid any shine. Use a compact so you can keep on top of your shine through the night, Clinque's Superpowder Double Face Powder $50.00 is very good at creating a perfect velvet complexion. For your eyes define your browns with a dark brow pencil, keeping them quite thin and not overly bushy - no Olsen twin brows vibes with this look. Use a light wash of dove grey shadow on your eyelids and blend well just to give your eyes depth, top with a lengthening mascara just coat the lashes nothing over the top.
You wouldn't be a Pinup without a red lip, apply Rimmel's Lasting Finish Matte by Kate Moss in shade 107 $8.50 with a lip brush to perfect your natural lip shape and keep it in your hand bag for touch up's throughout the night.
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Frida Kahlo is not an obvious choice of costume but its definitely the coolest choice -  who doesn't want an excuse to give yourself a mono-brow and be all sassy and Mexican. Splatter some paint on an old brightly printed skirt then drape a few floral scarfs around your neck and its all about loose printed cottons.
Frida often painted self portraits which featured her signature braids sometimes with a scarf integrated into the braid. Top if off with some fresh paper roses in the centre parting of your hair as the picture above. Secure with a billion bobby pins and Ta-da!
Attempting a faux-mono is going against everything you know about brows, fill in your brows with short strokes using Rimmel's dark brown brow pencil $8.40 and then slowly work inwards towards your nose, THIS IS GOING TO FEEL REALLY WEIRD. With a few strokes you will have a mono-brow, easily removed with a makeup wipe if you freak out during the night. 
Apply a little bronzer to your cheeks to define your face and that's about it. Top off your look with a brown based red lipstick like Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Damned $39.00.
Remember being Frida is as much about the attitude as it is the mono!

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