Monday, 29 October 2012


NAIL ROCK available from

To say I was sceptical of nail wrap stickers would be an understatement, having a terrible experience with them in Tokyo last year. But I was following the instructions in Japanese and I think maybe I had 5 piña coladas before applying them.
Voicing my hesitations towards nail wraps to friends they had reassured me that the Nail Rock line had lasted on their nails for over a week and were easy as pie to apply.
When doing an ASOS order I picked up these cuties which were a collaboration with Sydney label Romance Was Born, they are on sale for $5.10!! normally $11.40 so naturally I 'added to cart'.
When applying I did have to cut and shape the stickers to the size of my baby nails, if you accidentally stick at the wrong angle it is possible to pull them off and re-stick. It is kind of like covering your books with contact at school, pushing out any air bubbles and sealing the edges of the nails with the mini orange stick.When happy with the placement, you will be left with sticker talons - trim excess and file down the sticker to your nail shape. As a precaution and knowing my ability to chip my nails I applied 2 layers of topcoat.
My expectations were very I low, but to my absolute shock my nails were still in perfect patterned condition 4 days later! Which is longer than I can wear a regular nail polish! These nails had done everything from ocean swimming, lots of washing up and even applied various hair masques.
The collaboration NAIL ROCK designs are limited edition, but new patterns seems to on high rotation on ASOS - I am 'adding to cart' as I type.
NAIL ROCK available from

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