Monday, 16 March 2015

Hype Girl! Giorgio Armani 'Luminous Silk Foundation' is it worth the hype?

Giorgio Armani Luminous silk foundation AU$92.00 available from 

Let's start with how foundation should be applied, because many of us forget that foundation should only be used to perfect the skin tone and not for concealing areas of concern, when heavy application is used to conceal its when it becomes unnatural and cakey. I have committed crimes of heavy foundation use at times when my skin hasn't been at it's best because I have felt self conscious of break outs. So my best advice is investing in a skin care routine that will fix your skin before you drop the big bucks on an expensive foundation.

Giorgio Armani Luminous silk foundation has been hyped for years, with beauty bloggers vowing it is the H.G foundation, but with the $92.00 (Australian dollar) price tag I just couldn't justify the spend. Why was this foundation $92.00? What was in it? Is it better than a $18.00 foundation?
The big difference with this foundation is the lightness of the fluid, the texture which is like a powder suspended in a serum and the finish which is a semi matte feel, I have not experienced this with any foundations on the lower end of the market. It works best on well hydrated and exfoliated skin, and doesn't like any dry or flaky skin so make sure to prep well before applying it. Which is why I can understand it is such a popular choice for brides, if you have been looking after your skin and use this as a special occasion foundation it will really even out your skin tone without masking your natural colouring. The lasting power of Luminous silk is not fantastic, it would be fine for a couple of hours but if you are needing 12 hour long lasting face of makeup look you will need to reapply at lunch time. 

My advice would be to go to a Giorgio Armani counter and pick up a sample in the 2 shades closest to your colouring and test it out over a couple of days rather than paying the huge price tag straight away.

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