Monday, 17 September 2012

Natural Wonders : La Clinica For Skin & Body

For a while now I have been trying to find a line of NATURAL products which are effective on my skin and feel like they are doing something good rather than just sitting on the surface and smelling nice. Most natural products available in health stores and department stores although containing plenty of great natural oils they also have a high alcohol content and are more marketed as being natural rather than actually containing natural ingredients.
I was sent a a few products from La Clinica, an Australian Organic skin care range, on first inspection I didn't think I would like them then I read through the ingredients.......they had little to NO ALCOHOL in them and seemed to be all good on paper at least. 

La Clinica Anti-Aging Rose Water Facial Mist $23.00
Firstly I tested out the Anti-Aging Rose Water Facial Mist, after I had cleansed my face ready for bed I swiped a cotton pad soaked in the Anti-Aging Rose Water Mist all over my face and it felt lovely and smelled like a Turkish delight. It says it contains Stem Cell Complex-3 which is meant to regenerate skin at a derma level (HUH?!?), look I don't know what that means at all but it felt really cooling and with the amount of other super ingredients in it like Chamomile Flower water, Pinus Pinaster Bark extract, Argania Spinosa Sprout Cell Extract and the list goes to more things that I have no idea what they are....but they are all organic. And trust me its very important that you only use organic Pinus Pinaster Bark. This product is a great alternative to the other facial mists on the market, most of which contain high levels of alcohol and are very drying. I have been using it is as a toner I found it locked in moisture before I went to sleep and I woke up with my skin feeling super soft.

La Clinica Anti-Aging Rose Hip Oil $21.00
Next I applied La Clinica's Anti-Aging 100% Pure Organic Rose Hip Oil all over my face and gave myself a version of a lymphatic face massage, I have been trying to master some at home day spa techniques which are only going mildly ok. Usually Rose Hip Oils are too astringent and strong for my face and I start to feel really hot and suffocating, but this was really light and calming on the skin. I checked my other Rose Hip Oils (I have tried out MANY because of Miranda Kerr's confession that it gives her that glowy supermodel skin) and it they all have other added ingredients which might be what my skin doesn't agree with. In the morning my skin was very soft and I think in certain angles and lights I may have had a very slight supermodel glow too.

La Clinica Rebalancing Vitamin A Day Cream $37.00
The Rebalancing Day Vitamin A Cream was the last product I tried, this has a heavy health food shop smell which some people might not like but it reminds me of my mum so I don't mind it. The cream is quite thick which I was surprised about because it is a day cream, it soaked in quickly and left my face feeling quite matte and dewy rather than slippery or shiny a perfect makeup base. I love this it keeps my skin hydrated all day and doesn't let oily patches through, the only down side is that it does not contain SPF. I would defiantly buy this moisturizer again, I am actually obsessed with it and have been trying to make anyone who is over at my house before 9am (I have a lot of early visitors) to try it out. 

La Clinica is available from selected salons and also online

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