Sunday, 16 September 2012

Beauté Gazette LOVES The Balm's Hot Ticket Nail Polish

The Balm's Hot Ticket Nail Polish $15.00 each Available at The Balm from David Jones.

The Balm is an American brand which I have heard a little bit about from youtubers and blogs, Michelle Phan is a FAN of the eye shadow palettes but I didn't know much more about the brand. 
When testing the water with a new brand some girls pick up lipstick as their barometer, some are foundation devotees so try that out first - I always start with nail polish. This is the product I test out to see if I should buy more than one product from a brand or whether to stop right there and have a very quick pain free break-up.
I tried 2 colours from The Balm's Hot Ticket Nail Polish collection, Coral Reef-ined : a white-based coral which leans more peach with pink undertones and Magenta Disposition : a deep blue based pink which is a true magenta and doesn't stain red - also boom boom cheesy names like every other company. The Balm offers a pretty standard selection of brights with a couple of metallics and glitters but nothing crazy compared to other brands. When having a look at the consistency on the brush of Magenta Disposition on the brush before painting a friends nails it looked really thick, I applied it as I normally would and  I was absolutely AMAZED! It was completely opaque in ONE coat and it was absolutely perfect in application no streaking or clumping or drying off the brush towards the tip of the nail, the brush allowed the polish to sit neatly at the base of the nail and not run into the cuticle bed. I was totally loosing my shit by the time I finished her first hand declaring it was a 'NAIL POLISH REVOLUTION'. By the time I had finished both hands and with a careful inspection I could not get over how great the colour was and how easy it was to apply.
I expected Coral Reef-ined to fail in comparison because it is rare that all colours apply the in the same way from the one brand especially if the colour is white based which tends to streak and clot on the nail. WRONG. Coral Reef-ined was also amazing, same beautifully perfect application. 
The Balm's Hot Ticket Nail Polish are a force to be reckoned with in the nail game and are going to be my go to Pedi colours for summer! I am also now excited as to what else to try from The Balm..... I'm thinking I might pick up the liquid Eyeliner 'Shwing' which looks like it could concur my fear of un-even winged eyeliner.
Has anyone tried any other products from The Balm and been totally blown away?

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