Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Beauté Gazette's Favorite Things

1. Night Jasmine
Walking home through Sydney's leafy green streets the night air is filled with Spring Jasmine, it is so strong and so sweet you cannot help but skip with a huge smile on your face

2. Korres Lip Butter in Plum $18.95 and Great Lash clear Mascara $10.40
My makeup at the moment is very simple with nothing crazy going on. Korres Lip Butter's are delicious and are super moisturizing the sheer plum tint is perfect aeroplane jelly port wine colour which I have been searching for in a lip product for ages. In summer I tint my eyebrows to avoid looking like I am in a Die Antwood cover band. All I need is a few brush strokes of Maybelline's Clear Mascara to shape and set my brows and I'm done.
Korres available from www.kitcosmetics.com.au
Maybelline available from Priceline stores

3. Demalogica Skin Hydrate Masque $61.50
After being in the sun and being hot and bothered I like to do a big cleanse using my clarisonic and then use this mask, as well as hydrating it balances the surface oils and any dry spots.
Dermalogica available from www.skinstore.com.au

4. Benah Kodi bad in pistachio $420.00
Aghhh I caved, this bag is the cutest. I love it as much as a girl can love a bag. It is going to come on so many adventures with me. When I have a small bag with just the bare essentials : 4 lip glosses, my wallet, coin purse, iphone with large gem encrusted case, gum, hairbrush, Mac fix plus powder and some sesame snaps. ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN! I become a carefree and reckless. 
Benah availabale from www.thebenah.com
Also check out Benah's excellent blog www.thebenah.blogspot.com.au

5. Bronte Beach
To be specific one rock which is under the pool, it has the perfect slant for lazy afternoon sun bathing and gossiping.

6. JT Coconut Water $3.50 and Dr Karg Tomato and Mozzarella Crisp Bread $7.95
The combination of these snacks is just the best thing ever! Go and get them from your local health foods store.

7. INSTAGRAM!!!! FREE!!!!!
I have an instagram stalking addiction, the other morning at brunch one of my friends asked how another friend was and I piped up with 'Well she just got back from an arty trip to Melbourne then she made a pavlova and bought some new lipsticks and has been getting coffee from the Alexandria Bourke St bakery when she is at work' everyone looked at me confused and the first friend said 'How do you know this? You guys aren't even that close?' to which I replied ' Oh no we're not at all, I just instagram stalk her all the time.' Sometimes I even feel people are more interesting on instagram than in real life. Sick Sad World.
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