Monday, 27 August 2012

The Other Side of Beauté

Makeup is just painting a canvas, if the canvas is a big old mess underneath then what is the point of painting it with makeup? Over the past couple of years I have changed things in my life to become a bit more balanced, if I go on a PMS chocolate rampage then I will make sure I chill out on sugar for the next week and also run for an extra 15mins everyday. There are a few other things that have made a difference to my canvas - diet, exercise and supplements. If this does not interest you at all, sorry, makeup and superficial mass consumerism will be back tomorrow.

Exercise is something that for a while I was hesitant to embrace because other things were way more fun and important. Firstly I started walking home from work, it took an hour and a half, which for the 9km journey was daunting at first but then I worked out that I would have just been stuck in traffic on an annoying bus for an hour anyway. After a couple of months my fitness increased, I had listened to many audio books and I was ready to join a gym. Gym was fun, but I got over it. Now I love to run, I try to go for an hour run 4 times a week. As well as helping keep my Kim Kardashian ass at bay it also makes you sweat. If you are so not into exercise - which I get then try a trip to a steam room, its not just for swedes promise. Steam opens your pores and helps purge impurities from your skin through sweating. Steaming your face brings oxygen and nutrient rich blood to the surface of your skin helping circulation. Do not touch your face or wipe your face when steaming or straight away after a steam! Your pores will be open and you can push bacteria into them wash your hands then cleanse your face with a toner I like using Witch Hazel.

-If you are having adult acne problems you might want to consider giving up cows milk. Milk contains hormones that 'turn on' oil glands which will give you acnatic skin. Milk contains dihydrotestosterone (DHT) precursors, including 5a-pregnanedione and 5a-androstanedione. These hormones are only few steps away from DHT. For acne sufferers DHT equals bad news. DHT signals the skin glands to produce more sebum.

-Increase your greens, put spinich or kale in your smoothies, order a side of green beans instead of chips they are almost the same thing....kind of.....well same shape at least. 

-Blueberries blueberries blueberries (organic), just eat them all the time. They are small blue gifts from the gods. The number super food rich in anti-oxidants which help fight cancer, lower cholesterol, prevent macular degeneration, help you cleanse your liver and kidneys.

- Stop drinking coffee, it dehydrates you and it doesn't taste very good anyway.

- Lay off the source.

If you have never delved into the world of supplements and you are looking to improve your skin look out for these big hitters in the vitamin game : Calcium, Iron, Zinc, Vitamin E, C and B6, folate and Pantothenic acid.

- Spirulina is the richest nutrient and complete food source found in the world, it contains over 100 nutrients more than any other plant or herb. I love it because it contains Chlorophyll which will increase your engergy, think maybe 2 redbulls and 3 espressos but without the twitchy queezy feeling. It is also a great source of iron for vegetarians. I like to add it in a powder or liquid  form to smoothies.

- Silica tablets help connective tissue which is really good when it comes to hair and nails. If you get chippy flakey nails I really recommend these.

- Zinc is incredible, it can help skin when applied topically as well as digested. Zinc creams can help scaring and draw out imperfections or stubborn pimples. When taken in tablet form it can help rosacea, acne and cold sores.

If this all too much and you would prefer something less demanding you can always just start taking multi-vitamin to start with.

What are your super food supplements which make you feel a million bucks, clear your skin and cleans all the baddies out of your system?

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