Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Get Nailed with USLU at People

Back in the day it was a ladylike tradition to go to the beauty salon and have your hair blowed out and your nails done, think Dolly Parton and Julia Roberts in Steel Magnolias. It was multi-tasking at its best (and girls love to multi-task!) a place where women could talk, gossip and hang out all while having there chosen beauty treatments done. What happened to this tradition? We want it back!
Yesterday I visited People on Crown st, Surry Hills it was a modern day beauty temple. Even though it was 11am on a Tuesday morning women were getting their highlights done, a quick blow dry and few cheeky eyebrow tints. I was there for NAILS! 'Get Nailed' is the chic and colourful nail bar at People exclusively stocked with Uslu polishes and the sweet and very talented Nail Artist Cathy Hart. We chatted as I picked out the colours and designs I wanted, Cathy told me how girls are coming in for special occasions to get nail art done, for her 21st birthday a girl wanted ying-yang's and smiley faces. Marbling was taking off as the next big thing and designs have been requested from images found on pinterest but if you just wanted a posh file and polish whilst having your colour done- that was cool too. Finally I decided on some 'stoner eyes' 'popart accents' and 'beatle wing glitter', this took me a while because the options were endless. 
Uslu a Berlin based luxury cosmetics brand provides a sleek selection of colours, featuring collaborations with Bernhard Willhelm, Colette and Nike. The appeal of Uslu goes beyond the amazing selection of colours - the polishes are 5 FREE! Free of Formaldehyde, Dibutyl Phthalate,Toluene, Formaldehyde Resin and Camphor. Which means they are pregnancy friendly and are suited for sensitive skin.
It was getting to the end of my amazing manicure and I was enjoying myself so much, chatting to ladies in the salon about their highlights and Cathy and the girls I almost didn't want that topcoat to go on. 
People is everything a beauty salon should be, a place where you can have your hair, nails and eyebrows done with your friends enjoy a cup of tea or even a glass of champagne if you have some really juicy gossip to share and escape from everything else in life for a couple of hours.

I love it so much and I will go back over and over again with my friends, so expect more spectacular nail posts.

Get Nailed Prices:
Express Mani $18.00
Delux Mani $36.00
Express Pedi $26.00
Delux Pedi $46.00
Nail Art from $15.00

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Shop 4 / 285A Crown St Surry Hills, Sydney NSW

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