Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Mascara Madness: Volume Vs Length

Even if I am not leaving the house for the day I will still put mascara on, being very fair my eyelashes look naked without a thick application of black mascara. Natural lashes are not my thing I like them big, thick and black!
Mascara is one of the few things that you cannot test before you buy it, and if you do then you are going to get a nasty case of pink eye. Here are my tips for the best volumizing and best lengthening mascaras. 

This is really good at getting the roots of your lashes, just hold the brush at the roots and wiggle up. Dior mascara's formula is quite dry and they don't last as long as other brands. It feels like you have mascara on when you wear this or maybe a set of demi false lashes, which I like. If you already have thick or long lashes then this is just going to enhance what you already have.

If you want thick lashes this is your mascara, I usually wipe half the amount of product that comes out off with a tissue first and then with the next couple of coats I put more and more product on the brush. It feels like there is alot of product in the tube and it lasts quite a while without drying out - although you should change mascara every 3 months for hygiene. 

If your go to look is just a bit of smudged eyeliner and lots of mascara, then Smokey Lash is perfect for you. It dries to a really matte jet black and blends into the eyeliner on your waterline seamlessly. The waterproof version is the best waterproof mascara I have ever used, you could do 25 laps in a heated pool and it still wouldn't budge - the British synchronised swimming team uses Make Up For Ever products!

Quite a wet formula, but this mascara gives you a little time to work with it and build it up before it dries. If you like plastic brushes this is probably the best, very flexible and bendy.

Cutest packaging of all the mascara's award! Awwwww. Doll Eyes is perfect to get to the little inner corner lashes to give you a twiggy-esque 60's look. For bottom lashes hold the brush vertically and with the tip make little strokes this will coat them really well making them defined and very pretty.

The 2000 Calorie line mascara line has been around for like ever, now with a few different varieties available. It disperses the most perfect amount of product on the brush to give your lashes a thin coating from the base to the tip, I do need to curl my lashes when using this mascara though.

Zoom Lash is a very wet formula, I wipe off most of the product from the brush onto a tissue before applying it to my lashes. But after a couple of coats it is ON! Seriously once I got dumped by a boy and cried 3 times in 45mins and it stayed in place expelling tears like a pro. Turning to him worried my mascara was running down my face he said no your mascara is fine -  at that point I knew I had to tell babes about this mascara. If you are going on a date to see a really sad movie say something like My Sisters Keeper that level of crytown you should definitely wear Mac's Zoom Lash.

If you are someone who likes the idea of wearing makeup but you don't want people to be able to tell you are actually wearing a full face of make up (not me!) Laura Mercier's Long Lash gives the most fluttery long subtle lashes. Perfect for no-makeup makeup.

If you can get passed the packaging this is a really good mascara. Like really good! It gets the base of the lash at the tightline of your eyelid and then will coat the lash to the tip. This is not clumpy at all and will fan your lashes out. A wet formula but gives you time to push your lashes into shape before drying.

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