Sunday, 17 June 2012

Personal Skincare #1

(Sorry about my straight outta that shower Margret Thatcher 'do)

My face has never been a mystic pizza full of pimples, nor have I ever had any problems with hyper-pigmentation. It's relatively normal to oily only on my nose and chin most of the time excpet around the time of the month I am 'Surfing my crimson wave' as Cher Horwitz puts it. When I was 25 my skin started to change, so in the past 2 years since my concerns changed and as the teenage pimples stopped and my pores spread and became larger, which is a real pain when applying make up.
As a teenager I would scrub the hell out of my skin stripping it with Clean and Clear foaming cleanser, and I don't even think I used moisturizer till I was in my 20's super oil-phobic that it would give me pimples.
The below is not going to be my definative routine of my late 20's like all the magazine have those 'What to use in your 20's' articles blah blah blah, I doubt it will remain the same for the next month even. I'm a total slut when it comes to products, easily swayed by reading beauty blogs and watching raving YouTubes about some new found holy water of a serum, but I will continue to buy products with the same ingredients in them.

Liv Tyler said she uses this once in an interview -  she is beautiful  - Therefore I think I will magically turn into Liv Tyler using this. Obviously I wont, but it does take off a full face of heavy make up with a bit of warm water and a gentle rub. It doesnt have any real benefits you arent going to glow after using it, but you will be completely clean of any make up.

2. Clarisonic Mia $134.90 (Will do a full post on the Clarissa-on-it!) & Dove cucumber cleanser $6.00
So this is the most extreme part of my routine and one which most people think I'm crazy for using -  Meh people have always said I'm 'crazy in a good way' which is really insulting and I actually hate - so my skincare is crazy also who cares! This is my second cleanse it brushes at a super sonic rate. After 2 months (it will take you 2 months for your skin to adjust to it properly) my pores have become smaller and more isolated to my T-zone, the tone has evened out completely, and my blemishes heal really quickly. Even though the peeps at Clarisonic say it isn't an exfoliate - it totally is. I usually use this only once a day either morning or night, which ever I have time. If you are desperate to find out about the Clarisonic I suggest watching these YouTubes:
WOOOOP WOOOOOPPPP Priceline thank you for getting this line of moisturizers from Physicians Formula. I tried this stuff last year in Hawaii, it is my favorite daytime moisturizer of all time. Lets talk all weird science for a minute about the ingredients: 2.7% Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA's or Glycolic Acid) - this is what will make your skin J-LO glow, it is a resurfacer which breaks down the top 2 layers of skin which are dead and flaking- leaving glowing fresh skin. Ever had an amazing Glycolic Peel facial and your skin has been really red? They just use an ultra concentrated Alpha Hydroxy to take off dead skin. If you use moisturizer containing Alpha Hydroxy you MUST use an SPF, that fresh skin needs to be protected. When I get a zit the red sore part is usually not my main concern its the flaky dead skin around it which makes it hideous, this moisturizer softens and dissolves it. There are lots of different brands with similar ingredients, this is my personal favorite. It also smells really good, not natural at all kind of like new toy smell when you were little. 

The benefits of Rose products for your skin have been well documented in history Cleopatra bathed in Rose water, the Greeks made medicines from it because of its antibacterial qualities. I've read lots of reviews on this moisturizer, first I tried it under my make up - which was a big mistake it made my skin so oily and by midday I had patchy foundation and was just a hot mess. So switching it to a night cream was ideal, its very healing and hydrating. Waking up in the morning after putting this on at night it feels like you have given your skin a big drink of water. If I am feeling particularly like a sultana or have had 3 too many glasses of wine then I will use Rose Hip oil under my eyes, cheek bones and temples. 

Honerable mentions:
Sudocream $4.70
Zinc gets rid of pimples : FACT! Alot of acne specific products have Zinc as a main ingredient, but it is really drying so unless you are actually 15 with an acne problem you wouldnt want to use it all over your face. This is for nappy rash but its got 15.25% Zinc Oxide in it, just pop it on a stubborn spot and it will be on the mend by morning.
Bioderma $35.00
This gets off even the sluttiest of smokey eye make up,  if I've had fake eyelashes applied this is great to take them off too. Just soak a cotton round with it and hold it on your eye and gently wiggle them off.
Another product that has been in my life in some capacity for forever, my Mum used to lather it on my bum for nappy rash. It was put on mozzie bites, scabby knees and now I just it on my lips, elbows, cuticles, heels and any dry patch. I am truly emotionally attached to this product and would be lost without it. 

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