Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Skin Care for Mega Dudes

Men always seem very complacent about skin care, if nothings broke well why fix it. Where as women are willing to try anything and everything to preserve their skin. The above are a few products which will make a difference to your dudes skin, he will see results and not just shrug and accept pimple any longer.
The reason for researching men's products came from my friend Mike - He rides a bike and likes Frank Lloyd Wright! On the weekend he showed me he had been using sunscreen because I had previously told him it was absolutely essential in a rant which probably went on for at least 17mins. Before this I thought that when I spoke about anything beauty related most guys just heard 'Blah blah and more blah' and were probably thinking 'when is this girl going to shut up about creams and lipstick'.  So here are a few products I pushed his way and why:

Boys like bikes - FACT, and that cold air being blasted on your face day and night cannot be a good thing. This product protects against harsh elements wind/dryness and the cold. It also dries matte! Which is genius because the one complaint I got was that moisturizers make your skin all greasy like hot chips - This wont! 

Ok so this is embarrassing, but I am going to go there because there are ALOT of boys I know that ride bikes. There must be some friction in the pants? Right??? So this might help, its like the fanciest talcum powder you will ever get. That's all I'm saying on this product. 

These are lifesavers, if I had to pack a universal emergency kit for a nuclear war - these would be on top. They are the most effective anti bacterial wipes for any ones skin babe or babette. 

This shit is water resistant! Yeh! So guys I think will just apply one round of skincare a day in the morning, whereas women schelp around kilos of products to reapply during the day. Apparently this stuff will retain SPF defence after 80mins of really sweaty activity, and maybe all day if you're not being a total sweat monster.

Kiehl's is a good skin care brand for guys, like say for instance you maybe stayed at a dude-babes house after your first sexy slumber party and you just so happened to be snoop-dogging through his bathroom cupboard (I have NEVER done this) and you found some Kiehl's products you'd be like 'Oh ok this guys got his shit together'.

Look I cannot imagine what it would be like to have to shave your face - WEIRD! But I can imagine that you would get some stubborn little hairs and that would just be annoying, exfoliating with this scrub would be a great idea. Peppermint is fantastic for blemishes and irritations like ingrown hairs - it can also be left on as a mask on any problem areas.

A shave zone product! Yep this one is actually for the ladies, lather your boyfriend's face in this. Too many times have we all been victim to the horrid post make-out burning sore pashed out face. This will softens hair and slows down regrowth! BOOM! If your boyfriend is like 'No way babe - I'm a man and I wont use that creamy stuff' just attack him when he is passed out drunk with this product because its most effective when left on as a night cream to penetrate the entire hair length and root. (I just wrote penetrate and root in a sentence and was not even remotely talking about sex!)

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