Sunday, 17 June 2012

Just Another Manicure Monday : Pastels and Glitter Hearts

Welcome to 'Just Another Manicure Monday'! Cringy but what the hey, its given me an excuse to actually HAVE to paint my nails every Monday without fail.
Revlon's Cloud is an absolute chameleon of a colour - it has an extremely opaque white cast base and the colour notes aren't a lilac or a pastel blue but a perfect combination of the both. I love it underneath glitters on its own its great on your toes but looks pretty flat on your nails. There are these stores called 'Gloss' which are scattered around Sydney CDB all the Revlon polishes are $4.95!!!!!! Pa polishes are everywhere in Japan like everywhere, I got about 25 when I was there and still haven't tried half of them. But in case you haven't bought $199 Jetstar sale flights to Narita recently I found a Japanese nail polish hot spot on the top floor of Market City in Chinatown at the bargain store, they have a small range of Pa Polish.
What does this manicure say to the world? I'm pretty sure it wont get you a boyfriend, but you will feel super cute and as long as you don't wear head to toe pastels I think this is a kind of acceptable manicure for a 28 year old? Whatever, I love it! 

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