Monday, 11 June 2012

Lancome - Rouge in Love Collection

Lancome's new Rouge in Love lipstick collection launched a couple of months ago with Emma Watson as the face of the campaign. To be honest as much as I love Harry Potter the advertising didn't sucker me in all that much. It was seeing the colours and texture in Myer up close, originally I was really wanting to get my greedy mitts on 322M-Corail in Love but it was sold out. Then swatching almost all the colours up my arms I realised that I need another coral lipstick like I need a whole in the head and with a 6 hour wear time I would prefer a raspberry. That's when I found 377N- Midnight Rose in the Boudoir Time series, this colour is so beautiful and intense. The application process took me a little while to perfect, I start by doing a light layer and rubbing it in with my finger to coat my lips like a balm. Next I apply 3 layers using the lipstick bullet straight on my lips and let it dry for a few minutes inbetween layers. You can feel the texture changing from a balm to a matte on the lips which is something completely new to me - usually a matte is a matte and you need to balm your lips pre application - Rouge in Love's formula is completely a new way of wearing and applying matte lipsticks. On a night out Midnight Rose does stay put the whole night with eating and drinking, you may need to reapply once or twice but the pigmentation from the original application process is still there.
So by this stage I had already fallen completely 'in love' with 377N-Midnight Rose it was my new 'Girl about town' this lipstick was coming out with me to every party and dancefloor in town! Curious of the less intense more glossy/stain colours which are in the Tonight is my Night series, I picked up colour 159B, it applies really glossy but settles into the lips after a few minutes as a stain. It's really a pretty easy to wear bright pink which is buildable but deffinately not to the opacity as the Boudoir series.
These lipsticks are brilliant and are perfect for winter being so hydrating, the only downside is the price $45.00AUD / 4.2ml - Is any lipsticks worth $45.00? Also with the Rouge in Love range selling for $25.00 / 4.2ml in the US being an Australian Customer you feel a little taken advantage of. It will just also make shopping from US sites a more ecconmical option for most people. But shout out to my girl Susan at the Lancome Counter in Myer Sydney City - she is the best and helped match me up to these colours. I would completely reccomend getting your hands on these lipsticks whichever way you go about it.
Check out what Lancome says about this new lipstick collection on the US website HERE.

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