Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Beauty Trends: Brow Blow Out

Beauty is trending with a throw back to one of my favorite beauty icons Brooke Shields  - WORD! It's all about a soft super brushed out thick eyebrows, this is really different to the thin very defined brows that were penciled in and very perfect and set with glossy brow sealers.

1. Laura Mercier Brow Powder Duo $24
This is great for blondes it comes in 3 shades Soft Blonde, Deep Blonde and Auburn. The darker shade is used for the under side of the brow to define the brow bone line and the lighter on top to buff it out - but if usually I just go for one, depending on if my hair is darker or if I have been fake tanning up a storm that week. It's just brows babe - NO BIGGIE SMALLS!

2. Mac Angled Brow Brush 208 $39.00
When pushing the product into your brows use lots of short soft strokes, angling the brush with the pointed end towards the center of your face, this will give you some good control.

3. Becca Brow Powder $22.00
Becca's brow powders come in 5 colours and for all you ginger minx's out there this is one of the few brands which caters to you -the 'Auburn Brown' shade is perfect for big reds!

4. Anastasia of Beverly Hills Brow Powder Duo $22.00
If you know anyone going to the US soon tell them to pick this up for you from Sephora. Anastasia of Beverly Hills is a brow only brand! Yes finally! The product range is beyond amazing for the truly brow obsessed.

For Reals:
Could you turn up to the office all of a sudden with this look? Or would it be a big thing 'Like have you seen Bridget from accounts eyebrow's, slugs much?' This look is TOTALLY achievable and super easy here are some tips:

- Play down the rest of your make up a subtle 'no make up/ made up' face with contouring using bronzers and neutrals. Keep your lips to a minimum, this way the brows will sit into your face and not be so 'Hey There!'

- If you are blonde and fair go for an ash brown no darker, if you are a darker then go for a chocolate.

- The best thing about this look is that its really easy, this is no liquid eyeliner fucking around with cotton buds for hours ordeal. Firstly start with a small amount of powder on your brush at your brow's arch and push the product in. (short pushing motions rather than sweeping like you would do for eyeshadow) Work down to the brow end lessoning the amount of product on the brush then move your brush to the start of your brow push the remaining into the start of the brow - less product at the start of the brows more towards the arch and tail end. If you are feeling like 'WOW WHAT HAVE I DONE?' Don't worry! To blend in the product using a spooled brush, brush your brows in to shape buffing in the powder (if you don't have a spooled brush - a washed and cleaned old mascara wand is perfect). TA-DA! It's easier than Brooke Sheild's was in the Blue Lagoon! 

- If you don't want to splash out on an expensive brow only powder experiment at home with a matte medium brown eye shadow to see if you like it first.

- Shop around, go into your favorite department store and ask a trusted brand to do your brows if you are unsure of how to apply all the products.

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