Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Dry Shampoo: It's kind of like magic!

It's the depths of winter here in Sydney and drying my hair has been a dramatic process of shivering in my freezing bathroom trying to un-fog the mirror without opening a window, gone are the summer days of towel drying my hair and then letting the sun do the rest whilst walking to buy my morning coffee. Trying to avoid the freezing bathroom floor dance with my hair dryer I have only been washing my hair twice a week, to stop the greasy build up dry shampoo on non hair washing days has been a life saver (not a real life saver like Penicillin - just a hair saver.).
On another note regarding Dry Shampoo can someone please tell me some Dry Shampoo brands that are available in Japan? Last year I spent at least 72 hours pacing up and down the isles of various chemists (there are A LOT!) in Shibuya trying to find dry shampoo with my friend Holly (Holly is a Flower Enthusiast with an excellent blog The Flower Drum : read it - I dare you!) spraying anything in a can in our beyond static and humidity effected locks.

1. TRESemmé Fresh Start Dry Shampoo $10.95
This is great, it really de-grease's and smells lovely. Only problem is its pretty ugly, I don't have this on my bathroom sink it is well and truly in a cupboard somewhere.
2. Klorane Shampooing sec extra-doux  $10.99
Oh so frenchy so chic, Klorane is a great brand for hair care in general. Their dry shampoo contains oats and some other natural type ingredients - but how natural can you get with an aerosol can really? It does cast very white and powdery on your roots so its a good idea to brush it out after spritzing especially if you have darker hair. Just a little heads up this is usually on offer at Priceline.
3. Batiste Dry Shampoo $3.99 small $8.99 large
The heavyweight champ on the Dry Shampoo circuit is Batiste, its the most readily available - the other night I picked up a mini can at a 7/11 on the way to a date. I'm only a fan of 3 out of the now 7 scents Blush, Original & Tropical, the others are sickly scented. Batiste works really well for that extra spruce going from day to night and it also gives quite a bit of volume. Only con with Batiste is that the product build up is quite extreme and gross, so you need to do a double clarifying shampoo when you do finally wash your hair.

Aerosol cans are completely bogus for the environment, they give the ozone layer the finger. Lush has a powder alternative dry shampoo which is quite good, the end result is the same as the aerosol varieties   its just the application is a bit of a nightmare. This should only be applied whilst you are wearing a towel in the safety of your bathroom. Do not apply it at your desk whilst wearing head to toe black as I did or you will end up looking like you just got Punk'd.

1. Lee Stafford Dry Shampoo Original for Oily Roots $14.29 large $5.99 small
Thank goodness I only spent $5.99 on the small can because this was rubbish, it didn't get rid of any of the grease in my hair and it smells kind of toxic.
2. Toni & Guy Cleanse Dry Shampoo $11.99
This is a pretty average dry shampoo, it does take away excess oils from your scalp but it doesn't give any volume and it weighed down my hair with product.

If you are totally obsessed with Dry Shampoo then have I found the website for you:

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