Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Nail Trends: Border Nails

Nail Trends are coming and going really quickly with the influx of nail products available on the market at the moment. Matte and Shatter are soooo 5 minutes ago and Duo Chrome has almost had it, but I'm not ready to give it up just yet. 
Border Nails are the newest trends sweeping nail salons across the world, and I LOVE IT! The trend has been made easier with Nail Art Pens, these guys make the illusional border easy as pie. I have tried to re-create it at home but I don't have the steadiest of hands, my advice is to either invite a friend with a really neat hand writing over to help out or take a reference photo to your favorite nail salon and getting them to recreate it. The look seems to work better with a flat base colour, shimmery or glitter would be too much. A gem encrusted feature nail is however a very fancy touch, when the base colour is still tacky and wet press in your nail gems with tweezers in whatever design you like and then to secure to 2 layers of top coat and let dry.

1. Nail Art Pen $4.50
These come in a bazillion different colours and are quite inexpensive if you want to set up a an underground black market home nail salon.

2. Nail Gems $14.95 for 1500 gems!
Ebay is the greatest shop on earth! Especially for nail supplies, you can pretty much find anything on there from portable nail dryers to bulk packs of glow in the dark nail polish.

Priceline has been sold out of these every time I go in, but I am determined to get them. 

**NPAA: Nail Polish Addicts Anonymous is on TONIGHT from 6.30pm at The Cricketers in Surry Hills if anyone wants to come along and try out the new boarder nail or any other nail trend they have been obsessing over. 

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