Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Beard Grooming Tips for hipster beards and lil' beardspo!

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Your boyfriend is probs trying to grow one, Kei$a has name dropped them, the Batista's and bar tenders at your local have definitely got them, you simply could not have noticed one of the biggest trends in 2014 : MEN WITH BEARDS!
Men with beards have gone from being a very 80's dad look to the height of on-trend male grooming! It is highly contagious - from tradies to suits, the beard has crossed all boundaries to be an acceptable form of face accessory for dudes.
This is a beauty blog and I know that the majority of readers are ladies so I am going to focus on the grooming the wild beard in the post. I've been on the receiving end of a make out session with a bearded man many a time (side note: I am going to now count these make out sessions as research)
and careful grooming and tidying of any beard is needed to ensure your make out partner doesn't suffer from dreaded pash rash....eewwww.

Top Tips for a well groomed beard:
1. Trim and shape the beard under the jawline down the neck and up onto the cheeks, the Schick Hydro Groomer is great, trim the hair first and then shaves for a clean look. 
2. Once a month take a visit to your local barber and have him shape your beard, so you have a line to follow when trimming and maintaining at home.
3. Growing a beard is like growing out a fringe/bangs, there is going to be an awkward stage you just have to grit your teeth and wait it out.
4. Beard Oil, there are lots on the market these days but if your bearded boyf isn't one for products you can always used a bit of your hair oil on his beard.
5. Wash your beard! Wash it twice a day! No woman wants to kiss a beard with the kebab you had for lunch still stuck in it at 7pm at night, its just plain gross.

And now for a little 'Beardspo'........ Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh

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  1. Can't stress enough the importance of properly applying beard oil. It's the best way to keep your beard soft, the underlying skin healthy and your man smelling delicious. Here's a really handy guide:


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