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Beauté Gazette interviews Rachael Finich brand ambassador for Colour Theory and Skin Theory

Colour Theory is a brand that I wish was around when I was 13 and first experimenting with makeup, instead my pocket money was spent on awful blue eye shadows and lip glosses so sticky you could use them as super glue. The quality of Colour Theory products is phenomenal and with the pricing at nothing is above $13.00 it gives women of any age and budget the opportunity to try the brand.
Colour Theory is sold exclusively through Amcal stores for more info go to

Colour Theory recently celebrated its first birthday and also announced its first ambassador the beautiful Rachael Finch. Beauté Gazette was lucky enough to have a quick chat to Rachael at the launch about her beauty secrets and her fave Colour Theory products....

Beauté Gazette
Rachael your everyday look seems to be a natural and glowing look, what are the top three products that you use to take your make up from day to night?
Rachael Finch
1. A bold lip, if you are unsure of using bright colours then just go a couple of shades darker than your everyday colour rather than a statement red.
2. Make your eyes pop with a few extra coats of mascara.
3. Using the bronzer from the Colour Theory 'Bohemian Goddess' as a highlight and bronzer on your cheek bones and eyes to give a glowing sun kissed feel your makeup.
I wish that Colour Theory was around when I was growing up and first starting to experiment with make up because it seemed there was nothing on the lower price point I could afford to buy except for shimmery blue eyeshadow. (Cannot believe I admitted that to an actual beauty queen) What were your first make up products when you were a teenager?
My first pieces of make up came from my Mum's make up kit, because there wasn't that option for affordable makeup. As you get older and you find items that suit you more. The quality of Colour Theory's products are extremely high because are developed and made in the same factories as a lot of higher end make up brands, which is amazing. Teenage girls and women of all ages are able to use the Colour Theory products and really trust the quality and result.
What are your favourite Colour Theory products?
At the moment I am loving the nail polishes, they are amazing value being $4.00 each. The dry time is really fast and the colour range is great for Summer, my favourite shades are the pastels which haven't left my nails - in particular the pastel pink which goes with everything.
Here is a sneak peak at my favourite product in the NEW Skin Theory range : The Daily Moisturiser with 15+SPF it is amazing for oily skin, keeping your skin plumped and hydrated without being overly greasy.
Colour Theory is sold exclusively through Amcal stores for more info go to

Also a big thank you so much to Rachael for being so incredibly obliging and sweet.

xx Nella
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