Monday 18 August 2014

Hair Favourites that give short hair va va VOOM volume!

Recently I cut about 20cm of length off my hair taking it from just past my shoulders to a very sassy bob, think Patricia Arquette in True Romance! This dramatic cut meant that it was time to switch up my hair products, I needed mega volume and texture to be able to give ultimate hair flick attitude! 
Here are 4 products which I have been loving and would totally recommend for anyone wanting to pump up you hair game.

Toni and Guy Hair Prep Heat Protection Mist $15.99
Blow drying after washing my hair is a must, its winter and I like to curl the ends of my hair under with a round brush to avoid helmet hair. To save my hair from being completely tortured by this process I always use a heat protection spray, this Toni and Guy prep mist is great because it is undetectable once you have finished blow drying and leaves a weightless finish to your hair ready for the next product.
Available from

Tangle Teaser Salon Elite in Sweet Lilac $29.95
Ohhhhh pretty baby! This is my new Tangle Teaser which I am crushing out on pretty hard right now. Apart from being so cute, it also is fantastic at getting out any knots and tangles without pulling your hair in the process. I have had much less hair coming out in my brush since using the Tangle Teaser and it's great for travelling or popping in your bag when hitting the gym. 

V05 Plump it up! Dry Shampoo $7.99
To be honest I picked up this Dry Shampoo because it was the least expensive on the supermarket shelf but I am super glad I did because it is really good. It is a traditional dry shampoo, the volume comes from removing the oil build up from your roots without leaving a white cast. The scent is pleasant and not too over powering and did I mention its only $7.99!!!!
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John Frieda Sheer Blonde Colour Renew Mousse $15.99
Mousse isn't an on trend product its not a fancy hair oil which costs $90, but this has been my star product in achieving volume without weight. I apply an apple sized amount to wet tangle free hair  (after spraying through the heat protection mist and brushing out any tangles) massage in all over and then blow dry as normal. It gives great soft hold and texture to your hair and wont fall flat half way through the day.
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Hope these product suggestions help and may the hair gods be with you, blessing you with frizz free locks with masses of volume!

xx Nella
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  1. I need a tangle teaser in my life!

  2. The most important thing really is to have the kit and set of products that actually work effectively for your hair frustration! Would you make a video tutorial on how to volumize hair as well? And what blow-dryer are you using, Nella? :)


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