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Makeup products and tips to hide a hangover! #toomanydranks!

Above is a photo of me the morning after way #toomanydranks! the night before.....I am dying on the inside trust me.....but on the outside I am pulled together looking totes profesh!

- Even if you have stumbled in the door, spilt the entire contents of your bag and lost a shoe TAKE YOUR MAKEUP OFF! Doesn't matter if it's with a cleansing wipe or a very messy attempt at using your regular foaming cleanser. 

- Drink as much water as possible and if possible some Hydralites before you go to bed these will make you feel better in the morning. Don't drink coffee or tea they will only dehydrate you even more than you already are.

-Try and put on some sort of night oil for your skin to drink up over night, if you are super boozy and this is too much then just get as much sleep as possible.

- Take a long shower, it will make you feel better. Wash off any makeup that has been lingering around from the night before and feel human again.

-Straight after the shower when your face is towel dried but still plump and fresh apply a good amount of Rosehip Oil, your skin will be extremely dehydrated. Rub it in giving your face a little massage this will help with puffiness.

-As for makeup tips, brush your brows up and tie your hair back as it wakes up your face and try not to look like you are in a world of pain when your boss says 'good morning'.

- If you are looking super pale and zombie like add some bronzer to your cheeks to bring some fake health into your face.

- Now is not the time to try out a new look or product, save that purple liner for another day, i'll give you a heads up: you are probably still drunk and any eyeliner application is a bad and messy idea.

Garnier BB Cream Miracle Skin Perfector $13.99
When you are feeling hung over or a bit rubbish the first thing you want to do it hide, but putting on heavy foundations is a terrible idea, your skin will get oily throughout the day. You need a base product that is light enough to let your skin breath and dewy to give you a health glow. Garnier BB is your guy, I love it for days like this or just days when I want a light and dewy base.
Available from

Artiste Brush BB Cream Brush $17.99
You want your BB Cream or foundation to be worked into your skin seamlessly, buff till you cant buff no more. This brush super dense, the fine hairs push product into your skin rather than let it sit on the surface.
Available from

Make Up Store High Tech Lighter in Stardust $32.00
Glow baby glow! With the Rosehip oil and the BB cream worked into your skin, adding this cream highlighter to your cheek bones will wake your face up even more. The cream formula will give an added dewy look which will give the illusion that you have had 9 hours sleep and weren't sinkin' tequila shot in da club till 2am the night before.
Available from

Trilogy Rosehip Oil Antioxidant+ 30ml $29.99
This is your saving grace and ultimate defender to a nasty hangover, when you wake up with dessert mouth and a running to the fridge for some cold water in the morning your skin also needs a drink. Rosehip oil is hydration to the max for dry skin, it is best applied after your have washed your face with warm water and skin is soft. Massage it in really well, until there is almost no trace of the oil on your hands.
Available from

Rimmel ScandalEyes Shadow Stick in Bullet Proof Beige $12.99
You eyes are going to look like shit, bloodshot and they definitely wont be sparkling. If you run this very soft pearly beige liner onto your waterline and then smudge a little into the inner corners of your eyes, it will help with the redness and lack of quality sleep you have had the night before.
Available from

Rimmel Lasting Finish Matte By Kate in 106 $12.95
Bright red or pink lips are an ultimate pick me up, they make you feel put together and in control. Try traditional brights and avoid candy colours as they can look a bit masky. Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate lipsticks are one of my all time favourite formula's.
Available from

Rimmel ScandalEyes Rockin' Curves Mascara $16.95
Curl your lashes and pump the mascara, big open eyes will hide a multitude of sins.
Available from

MAC Mineralize Concealer in NW25 $38.00
This is a very long lasting and effective under eye and everything else concealer. If you are looking a little patchy with redness showing through then a little of this concealer buffed in with the Artiste BB Cream brush will work wonders.
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