Tuesday, 24 June 2014

NAIL WEEK!! Day 5 : Nail Trends #sohotrightnow

Bright precisely polished classic nails are back but in a slightly more 90's way, with bright fuschia toned pinks and brick reds trending hard. Simple mono-chrome designs which don't distract too much from an outfit but compliment or contrast as a pop of colour are also popular on the tumblr-sphere.

Gilded Gold nails are HOT HOT HOT right now, from foils and wraps to chrome polishes and a sneaky accent nails. Miley 'put your tounge away' Cyrus started the biggest trend in nails right now with her gold foiled extensions whilst on her Bangerz tour. I am totally into this trend because gold matches with just about everything in my wardrobe, when wearing it your nails feel like they are an extension of your jewelry.

From cute Minnie Mouse tips to tumblr gif's Nail Art is still as popular as ever, and the best thing is that there are designs to match your every outfit and mood. My favourite is the nail piercing trend which Floss Gloss has featured on Instagram recently, but my first memory of nail piercing was when Posh Spice donned one in the late 90's. #poshspice4eva

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