Tuesday, 17 June 2014

NAIL WEEK! Day 2 : Half-Moon Nail Art with Mary-Kay Nail Lacquers

Nail Week : Day 2 is all about wearable nail art trends, a favourite staple in the nail art trends over the past few seasons is the Half-Moon design. It is classic and very versatile, by switching the colours you can create different seasonal combos and tonal variations. Ok let's do this!
Mary-Kay Nail Lacquers in Mulberry Forest and Enchanted Mauve $15.00 each available from www.marykay.com.au

If you follow me on instagram @beautegazette you would have seen my rave reviews of the Mary Kay Nail Lacquers, they are phenomenal colours and super fast drying. Combining the soft ballet nude of Enchanted Mauve with the rich Mulberry Forest gives a very polished yet edgy look to the nails and the colour combination is perfect for the cooler winter months. Both of the colours are from Mary Kay's new Fairy Tales and Fantasy collection, which is now available online from their website - gone are the days of waiting for a consultant it is now only a few clicks away.

Paint your nude base coat 'Enchanted Mauve' is a great base as it has a very quick dry time, which is what you want when you are layering colours for nail art designs.
Pour out a small pea size amount of 'Mulberry Forrest' on a disposable piece of paper, this is the polish you will use for the half moons.
Using a small fine tipped craft brush map out the Half-Moon shape in 'Mulberry Forest', outlining the semi circle. Take your time to be neat and precise.
Fill in the Half- Moon semi circles with polish, this will take 2 coats. Leave the first coat to dry before starting the second coat otherwise it will all gloop together on your nail.
Once your nails have completely dried, clean up your cuticles with a cotton tip soaked in nail polish remover. Then apply your favourite Topcoat to make your amazing new nails last a little longer and add some mega shine!

Mary-Kay Nail Lacquers in Mulberry Forest and Enchanted Mauve $15.00 each available from www.marykay.com.au

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