Thursday, 13 February 2014

It's Valentine's Day! So here are my favourite cheese-ball romantic movies and some products to match: Dirty Dancing, The Notebook & Pretty Woman

Dirty Dancing (1987)
Baby's  Beauty Corner: OPI nail polish in 'Bubble Bath' $19.95 available from, Rimmel Natural Bronzer in 'Sun Bronze' $15.95 available from, Nars Satin Lip Pencil in 'Lodhi' $39.00 available from

Dirty Dancing is not just a movie it is a religion, I can recite the whole movie from start to finish like it's my bible. My best friend Josephine and I have seen it so many times I cannot even remember but we watch it as regularly as a moderately religious person would go to church.
Baby is style icon, the way she wore those cute peasant blouses and the most perfect high waisted white jeans -  Classic 80's does 60's vibe. Her makeup was all about the perfect holiday tan (Rimmel Natural Bronzer)  with a pastel peach lip to show she blossoming into a woman. I'm sure that Baby's sister Lisa would have painted Baby's nails a colour very similar to OPI's 'Bubble bath' the perfect nude nail for any budding dancer. After every viewing of Dirty Dancing my reaction is always the same: 'Why the heck did Jennifer Grey get a nose job? She was so freakin' adorable'
The Notebook (2004)
Ally's - All Americana classic beauty products: Clinique Almost Powder Makeup SPF 15  $50.00 available from, Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Stick $21.95 available from
My two very essential essentials for watching The Notebook are kleenex and an endless supply of Lindt 85% Dark Chocolate - I can only watch it with these two items within arms reach at all times. Ally and Noah....If you want to get depressed about that one guy that you had a thing with and he moved away and never called again. Do not watch The Notebook. Let me tell you... In real life your Mum isn't hiding his love letters and he isn't off building you the most perfect house in the world!!! 
Ally has the all American stunning girl next door beauty thang down, pretty with a hint of seduction. Her skin is perfection, never too shiny due to the compact I'm sure she keeps with her at all times, Clinique powders are my favourite packaging, that jade green plastic has been a staple in my makeup bag since I was 16. Ally's lipstick is a mix between a coral and a red, never leaning too sexy or vampy. Revlon's 'Kiss me Coral' is just this - it gives you a bright lip without the 'trying too hard to be sexy' look.
Ryan Gosling will always be my movie dreamboat Valentine crush, so let's all just watch a Gosling marathon on the 14th and forget about real life!
Pretty Woman (1990)
Vivian from prostitute to posh out products : Covergirl Liquiline Eye Liner in 'Blackfire' $14.95 available from, Benefit Gimme Brow in 'Medium/Deep' $32.00 available from
Who doesn't love Julia Roberts transformation from working girl to uptown fancy lady in Pretty Woman, personally I liked both looks equally. Working girl Julia new how to apply a matte kohl liner like it ain't nobodies business, it was worked into the eye smudged to and blended out around the eye to give extreme definition. Covergirl's Liquiline Eye Liner in 'Blackfire' is super soft and can be applied fuss free using the sponge tip to work it into your lash line. Julia Roberts is the O.G brow queen, her naturally bushy thick brows were always combed into perfect shape, Benefit's newbie Gimme Brow gives your eye brows a tint of colour and sets those bad boys in shape for the day or long long night as Vivian would have been getting ready for. 
There is something that is regularly forgotten and I would just like everyone to make mental not of how bangin' Julia Roberts body was in Pretty Woman. Damn Girl! Can we all just give it up for her because honeychild had legs for daaayyyyyyyssss! 

For all of you that have a romantic boyfriend who is going to wine and dine you at a fancy restaurant tonight for the ultimate Valentines day experience....BORING! Because this is what me and my girlfriends will be doing, jealous much? Probably not, but you know what how good is FRIENDS!

xxx Nella

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