Tuesday, 11 February 2014

How to clean your make up brushes like a BOSS! Featuring Dr Bronner's Magic Soap.

Dr Bronner's Almond Organic Liquid Soap $7.95 / 237ml
For more information on Dr Bronner's go to www.drbronner.com.au
To buy Dr Bronner's online go to www.lateralfood.com

One of my top tips to keeping your skin clear is to make sure your brushes are cleaned regularly, otherwise they start to become cesspools of bacteria spreading germs and spots all over your face. Not to mention that a clean brush applies makeup a whole lot better than dirty brush.
My Favourite brush cleaner is DR BRONNER'S MAGIC SOAP! It is sooooooo magic....
It cleans brushes without any hassle at all, getting the most waterproof off makeup out of synthetic and natural haired brushes. So here is my full proof brush cleaning method:

Firstly I like to leave my brushes to soak for a couple of minutes in tepid water and a tablespoon of the magic soap. Then after the makeup starts loosening up and the water starts to change colour, give the brushes a bit of a swirl around to make sure all the hairs are covered in the soap. Next move the brushes over to a sink and rinse under running water, I massage the hairs to make sure the brush is extra clean and free of all the magic soap. If the brush is a natural hair brush, this process might need to be repeated once more if your brush is still dirty.
Squeeze out excess water and allow your brushes to dry in a safe place overnight. Depending on the weather brushes should take 1-2days to dry. Brush laundry has become a simple and easy process since I started using Dr. Bronner's Magic Soap, rather than a very annoying weekly chore.

Dr Bronner's Almond Organic Liquid Soap $7.95 / 237ml
For more information on Dr Bronner's go to www.drbronner.com.au
To buy Dr Bronner's online go to www.lateralfood.com

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