Thursday, 23 January 2014

6 of the best little Aussie rippers for Australia Day!

Sunday 26th of January is AUSTRALIA DAY down under!
To celebrate here are 6 of my favourite little Aussie ripper products:

1. Milk and Co for Her Body Scrub $14.95 
Body exfoliation is one of those beauty steps I sometimes skip because of sheer laziness but Milk's Body Scrub which contains Coconut Shell and Rose Hip Oil has made me look forward to scrubbing away dead skin cells every couple of days in the shower. Milk is a brand founded by Aussie swimming legend Michael Klim and his amazingly beautiful wife Lindy, I was lucky enough to interview Lindy about Milk last year if you want to know more about the brand which they started together read about it HERE!
Available from

2. Lucas Papaw Ointment from $4.95
It is rare that a product is so multi purpose that you can use it your whole entire life. Lucas Papaw Ointment has soothed my nappy rash as a baby, healed wounds, softened dry lips and even been an eye cream at desperate times. The distinctive red packaging has been with me for so many years I cannot imagine my life without it. It is also the one product which ex-pat friends constantly request to be sent to them in care packages all over the world.

3. Lanolips Golden Ointment $28.99
Lanolips Golden Ointment is a similar multi-purpose product which I have fallen in love with. Lanolin is a Australian wonder ingredient which I usually associate with being sold at tourist shops in Sydney, it wasn't readily available in mainstream product ranges until Lanolips. Golden Ointment contains a power trio of ingredients : Lanolin, Manuka Honey and Vitamin E! I love this to aid healing wounds, knicks or grazes. 
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4. Model Co Nail Polish in Model Co Pink $9.95
Model Co nail polishes are an under rated little Aussie gem! The colour range is spectrum of wearable, on trend and classic polishes which I cannot get enough of. They all apply with ease and dry relatively quickly, they are are no fuss and a go to for any kind nail look I could possibly dream of. Colour Favourites are : Model Co Pink, Kylie (awesome neon orange), Flossy (blue based baby fairy floss pink) and Nude Attitude (the most perfect nude).
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5. Aesop Fabulous Face Oil $57.00
This is a new find for me and I have been using it in tones of different ways! A few drops mixed with my night cream to give it a supersonic boost of hydration, mixed in with concealer under my eyes to give it an extra smooth application and add moisture to my under eye area during the day. Aesop is an Australian brand which has been receiving some well deserved hype from international beauty blogger of late which is totally awesome.
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6. Becca Mineral Tint Spf 30+ Sunscreen $35.00
Babes love them some Becca! If you are not from Australia then you might not know but it is hot down here, like really hot averaging 30 plus degrees in Summer and we are unfortunately directly under the hole in the ozone layer. As an Australian during my lifetime 2 out of 3 friends and family will be diagnosed with skin cancer. I have been personally effected by skin cancer in the last year having a melanoma removed. Skin cancer is a serious and scary and needs to be taken very seriously, I do not leave the house without sunscreen on of some kind. My favourite tinted moisturiser is Becca's Mineral Tint, covering my flaws and keeping my skin protected from UVA and UVB rays.
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