Monday, 25 November 2013

Christmas Gift Guide : B.F.F (Best Friend Forever!)

What to get your Bestie for Christmas can be tricky, probably because she is your shopping partner/enabler most of the time, so trying to sneak something past her at the check out is nearly impossible. That's why all of the gift suggestions below are available to buy online and even better are under $100!!! 

Jurlique Essence of Rose Roller Ball 11ml $28.00
Available from
Jurlique's Essence of Rose Roller Ball is a very classic, pure scent encased in an extremely convenient roller ball applicator - perfect to pop in your hand bag. Applying fragrance from a roller ball to your pulse points, feels more intense and lasts a lot longer than a spritz from a spray bottle. Rose is making a resurgence on the fragrance scene at the moment, a throw back to sophisticated and clean traditional scents with a single crisp note. If your bestie is perfume obsessed this is a cute new take on a classic she will totally love.

ASOS iPhone 5 Case with Oversized Crystals $22.18
Available from
Anyone who knows me, knows I am freakin' obsessed with cute and bedazzled phone cases, the bigger and more sparkly the better! ASOS has some pretty cool iPhone cases at the moment, from the mildly tame to the O.T.T blinged out case above. This is the perfect gift for a tech-head B.F.F who also doesn't mind a crystal or 10!

DKNY Wish List Cheeky Boxed Long Sleeved PJ Set $83.18
Available from
If you and your best friend are anything like me and my best friend (Hi Josephine!) you travel a lot together. Cute PJ's are a great gift to give your travel buddy, ready to pack into her overnight bag for your next adventure together. These DKNY bright pink leopard print PJ's from ASOS are also ideal for a slumber party, lounging about watching movies on the couch together whilst eating enormous amounts of Christmas chocolate.

Orly Sashay My Way Nail Polish $18.95
Available from
Nothing says 'Best Friends Forever' like glitter nail polish...Nothing! Especially if you are on a budget and $20 is your limit. Orly make a great selection of glitters but nothing is more christmas-y and festive than gold glitter. If you haven't seen the 'Festive' Mariah Carey YouTube clip watch it immediately...HERE! And bring on some festive cheer.

Grown Alchemist Intensive Hydra-Body Gift Set $19.95
Available from
Grown Alchemist has released some amazing bang-for-your-buck gift sets my favourite is the 'Intensive Hand Cream in Persian Rose and Argan Extract & Intensive Body Cream Rose Damascena Acai and Pomegrante' combo which is all wrapped up with a chic black satin ribbon. Also a great gift idea that wont break your bank for anyone who is obsessed with chic skin care that usually costs more than half your weekly rent.

Coming up next week in Beauté Gazette's Christmas Gift Guide series: What to give a Mum who always says every christmas 'Darling just make me a card and bring me a cup of tea in bed'.

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