Monday, 9 September 2013

New hair! Cut and Colour by Prema featuring Goldwell products

Prema Shop 5, 490 Crown St Surry Hills 9360 8080
(Check Prema's site for pricing on styling and colour)

After my beloved colourist Gilly (Hi Gilly, I know you're reading this in India and having the best time ever!) left the country I have been on the hunt for new colourist who would be able to freshen up my tired blonde locks. The lovely ladies at Prema understood and listened to me before starting my colour, I told them about how sensetive my scalp was and that I was trying to get my blonde hair back into a more healthy state. Going into summer I wanted a beachy-blonde and not such a 'done' look so they suggested a half head of foils to let my darker natural blonde come through a bit more which would add texture and depth to my hair. The process of colour was relatively quick compare to previous colour appointments which can take up to 4 hours, only taking an hour and a half.
I was really happy with my colour, it is a little different to what I am used having a lot more of my natural colour coming through but it feels much healthier and I have had far less breakage since the colour. The salon was a comfortable friendly environment, and I felt relaxed chatting whist enjoying a hot chocolate.
Alarna gave me an amazing cut, taking a much needed 2 inches off my length, addingsome body to the ends so that when my hair dries naturally I would have a natural wave.

Dualsenses Blondes & Highlights Anti-Brassiness Shampoo & Conditioner $24.95each, Dualsenses Blondes & Highlights 60Sec Treatment $24.95, Dualsenses Blondes & Highlights Shine Serum Spray $24.95 available from

When having your hair coloured is really important to continue at home to maintain the colour at home with complimenting products, also your colourist needs to know what you are using at home because some shampoos and conditioners can interfere with the bleaching or dying process. Goldwell's Dualsenses range for Blondes and Highlights has been amazing in keeping my hair looking a lovely creamy vanilla blonde and not turning brassy or too warm for my skin tone. I am also obsessed with the Serum spray, so obsessed I have used a quarter of the bottle in 2 weeks, it is amazing to spritz in wet or damp hair before brushing through. It helps with any knots or tangles and gives your hair a little moisture boost. The 60 second treatment I have been using weekly for a little pampering and especially since I have been heat styling my hair more frequently.
I love the natural texture my hair has now without being thinned out with layers. The length is perfect for summer and stopping just below my collar bone. With my new do I am ready for the warmer weather, salty swims and leaving my hair to dry naturally in beachy waves.

xxx Nella

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