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What's in my make up bag? Feat. Prada Vela Wristlet, Jane Iredale Glow Time, Uriage, Rimmel, Mirenesse, Make up Store & Sally Hansen

My lack of posts is terrible....I am a terrible Beauty Blogger #badbblogger! There is a reason for this....I have taken over Oyster Beauty this month posting 90'S NAIL MONTH! Check Check Check it out
AND have been blogging away on Schwarzkopf's Style Studio blog HERE! Which is an exciting project to be part of and I can't believe that they chose me to blog alongside Christina from Hair Romance!

So as you can imagine it has been very busy at Beauté Gazette HQ with launches, shoot and fun times and my make up bag has taken a very minimal turn for the best:

Make up Bag: Prada Vela Clutch $395.54 available from
Posh out - I know! But this doubles as a clutch as well. It is nylon and so I have justified it as ok to keep my makeup in it.

Uriage Bariederm Smoothing Barrier Repair Lip Balm $19.95 available from
It is winter in Australia at the moment and my lips have been dry and chapped from the cold (it's actually not that cold 26 degrees - shout out to global warming!) but this Uriage barrier lip balm is incredible! I have been using it at the gym, whenever I'm outside and need to create a protective layer on my lips also it works well when applied overnight to soften lips.

Jane Iredale Glow Time Full Coverage BB Mineral Cream SPF 25 $61.20 available from 
This is not a BB cream in the traditional sense, this is a high coverage foundation with very luminizing properties. I love love love this product, it is an amazing hybrid base which covers without being to heavy on the skin, conceals and luminizes skin giving a 'glowy' effect. A little goes a long way with this product - I use the size of a peppercorn amount to do my whole face for medium coverage. Best sheered out with fingers, I use a setting powder down the middle of my T-Zone because that can become too glowy!

Rimmel Scandal Eyes Eyeliner in Bronze $9.95 available from
Instead of carrying around eye shadows and brushes that equal too much effort, I am into soft blendable liners! During the day I apply a little to my water line and the base of my lashes which gives a pretty shimmery glitter lash illusion and at night I draw messily on top of my lash line and smudge it in with my finger! Hmmmmm this doesn't sound too professional or the right type of advice I should be giving out but what the heck! It looks great and is so easy and can be done in car on a bus or in the toilets at work.

Bare Minerals Stroke of Light Concealer $26.95 available from
I haven't found another concealer that matches my skin like this does, I tried to buy the NARS creamy concealer over the weekend but my colour was sold out. This goes under my tired sleepy eyes to brighten and give the illusion of sleep, rest and relaxation.

Make Up Store Hi-Tech Lighter $32.00 available from
I'm into really whorish slutty full on Victoria Secret Mariah Carey video clip highlighting. Because my skin is so damn glowy from the Jane Iredale BB Cream I can only use a cream highlighter. I loves this Make Up Store one it has a pretty pink pearlesent moonstone shine. It goes on my cheekbones, bridge of my nose, brow bones and cupids bow. Told you I am really into it!

Loreal Riche Shine Caress in 200 Princess - $23.00 available from
These have had mixed reviews as far as being 'long wear' - I don't really give a shit about long wear. Does this look good on? YES! It looks damn good and glossy. It is a stain and a lipgloss all mixed up together and so it will become a bit patchy and you are going to have to keep an eye on it if eating and drinking but I love it rubbed in with  my finger and also layered up for a bold glossy lip.

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure 'Mauve Along' $14.95 available from
Tralling through tumblr I found a 70's Chloe ad, it would have been of the era when Karl Lagerfeld was designing and the girls had these mauve nude nails which were everything! They were heaven and so since I have been on the hunt for a mauve nude, last week I was sent this little babe from Sally Hansen and it hasn't been off my nails since. It is an update on foundation coloured nude nails which don't suit most white girl hands.

Mirenesse Skin Clone Mineral Veil Powder Bronzer $47.03 available from
Scared of bronzing? Me too! I'm new to this Mirenesse brand, but I like/love this bronzer. The powder is so fine and glides onto the skin. I apply lightly with a smaller blush brush NOT the traditional huge bronzer brush, and then build it up to a point which is verging on a bronzer/blush look. No one has said it looks weird yet so I'm just going with it.

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