Monday, 19 August 2013

Beauté Gazette LOVES Lanolips Golden Ointment

Lanolips Golden Ointment $28.95 available from

Lanolin has always been a Japanese tourist specialty, when we had a Japanese exchange student stay with our family (Shout outs to Maiko!) she bought giant tubs of lanolin to take home, Mum and I were baffled. Since then I have learnt about the miricales of lanolin, Lanolips Golden Ointment 100% pure concerntrated and refined contains ultra pure medical grade lanolin. It also contains Manuka Honey and  Vitamin E which are total healing super heros too.
I've been sick with an annoying winter cold sneezing and blowing my sore red nose every 5 minutes which has been a real buzz kill. Lanolips Golden Ointment was gentle, soothing and cleared up the effected area in a day. Most other lip balms and moisturizes have been stinging and not giving any relief to the dry raw nose lip area.
Golden Ointment is my first Lanolips product and the cute packaging has also totally got me excited for more, then ViviannaDoesMakeup used the lemonade Lip Aid in her latest video....How quickly can you say 'Add to cart'!
xxx Nella

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