Monday, 8 July 2013

Red Lipstick Love : Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate Moss Velvet Matte Lipsticks

Wearing: Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate Moss Velvet Matte Finish in Shade 107

Sometimes all you need is red lipstick to take your mood or your outfit up a notch - try it! Trust me it makes a huge difference even if you are just wearing yoga pants you will totally feel put together and a bit posh. I have been loving the new line of velvet matte shades in the Lasting Finish range by Kate Moss for Rimmel, the originals are a fave too but the new colours are totally amazing and perfect for the cooler weather. Applying with a creamy texture and matting down after about 2-3 mins they don't cling or drag when applying like some other matte lipsticks. (I am looking at you Lady Danger from Mac!) But if you do have flaky or dry lips I would recommend using a lip scrub before using any lipsticks to give a cleaner even look getting rid of any dead skin. If you want to achieve a sheer look with these lippies apply a lip balm first and gently dab the lipstick onto your lips blending out with your fingers. These lippies have serious staying power and will only need to be touched up slightly after drinking or eating, but don't dry out your lips at all.

107 : Kate Moss is wearing this shade in the ads, so how could you not want to try it. It is a burgandy red with a raspberry undertone and a small amount of brown . Applying lightly or one coat give a raspberry tone to the lips but this lipstick looks best with 3 coats to bring out the deep burgendy wine tones.
106: Is a deep blue-based fuschia pink and is very comparable to Mac's 'Girl About Town' but the matte finish gives it a winter twist. This colour really pops on pale skin and because it is a blue based pink it does give teeth a whiter appearence.
103: A very pretty dusty rose slightly mauve colour which lasts forever, it is a very safe colour perfect to wear to work or somewhere more conservative. These colours often scare me because they are quite mumsey but the matte finish gives it a more 60's lip look, very Nancy Sinartra.

Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate Moss Lipsticks $12.95 available from

Rimmel has also just launched APOCALIPS in Australia, check out my review HERE! for more info and swatches.....I love them!

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  1. Awesome colours! Totally agree about how a red lip can completely change your mood - I always keep one in my bag for emergencies!


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