Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Essie's 'Lady Like' Nail Polish

Have you ever been so tired that you fall asleep on the bus and your head flops forward and you wake up and you are nowhere near you stop and you feel so disorientated that you almost cry? Well thats how I have been feeling. It's been a bit of a mind-body-soul-freak-out, as a result I have had a bad case of 'Bloggers Block'. I go shopping and buy things or get sent things and I look at the little box of cosmetic goodness and I go blankety-blank. So please excuse the lack of regular posts, I am starting to feel more inspired and I spent all day playing with nail polish - My version of the most cathodic relaxing time ever!

Do you find the new wave of  'foundation' (skin tone mimicking colours) nude nail polishes wash your skin out and make your hands look pale, grey and old? Then just don't go there girlfriend!
Take it back a notch....well try taking it back about 2 decades. Essie's 'Lady Like' is a mauve based dusty pink, it would have been on every babes nails in about 1984. It is the most heavenly subtle blush of pink which warms lighter skin tones and gives fingers elegance and length, fighting trends of pop colours and glitters with classic beautiful feminine nails. 
The polish applies without fault, opaque and is seamless with 2 coats, it definitely needs a topcoat to add shine and depth.
Steal Magnolias is my favourite film....like ever! And Shelby is my most favourite bride ever, imagine having Dolly Parton give you a blow wave for your walk down the isle. In the movie Shelby (Julia Roberts) describes her wedding colours as 'Blush and Bashful' two tones of very different pink, one deep and one lighter and pastel, I would like to think that Essie's 'Lady Like' is Shelby's 'Blush'.

Essie is available from www.adorebeauty.com.au online and from Myer Stores Australia Wide

xxx Nella

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Shelby R.I.P the best bride ever!

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