Sunday, 10 March 2013

L'oréal Shine Caress - 140 Endless Love

 L'oréal Shine Caress - 140 'Endless Red' $23.95 available from

The Beauty Hype Machine has been in overload in preparation for the release of the L'oréal Shine Caress lip gloss stains and I totally caved. Having already purchased a few of the YSL Glossy Stain's last year I knew that the L'oréal Shine Caress's would be exactly the same - a little heads up,  L'oréal manufactures YSL and Armani Cosmetics so there are many similarities between products from all 3 brands. 
Back to the lipgloss.....It applies easily to to the lips and isn't a sticky formula more of a thick fluid, the applicator has a pointed end which I found annoying because it would hold too much product at the end and I would have to use my finger to even out the coverage. The difference between this lipgloss and any others I have tried is that it is very buildable, with each coat you notice the opacity and intensity deepening. The other difference is that the texture on your lips changes after about 15mins when the lipgloss sets, it becomes quite tacky as it settles into the lips. It is a longwear lipgloss, some transfer happens when drinking or making out but not as much a regular lipgloss.
'140' - Endless Red looks like a siren red in the tube but is totally different on my lips, when dabbed on it creates a bee stung wine stained look and then when applied with 3 coats plus it is a deep red cranberry on my lips. So if you are looking to get your hands on these babies be prepared for some difference of tube to lips with colours.

Oh and also Priceline has the L'oréal Shine Caress lipgloss on a 3 for 2 offer at the moment....  
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