Monday, 4 March 2013

Removing staining from your nails....Naturally!

With my glitter polish obsession hitting fever pitch my nails have been been paying a price, yellowy-brown staining from darker polishes was getting really bad. I had a look around for some remedies online most contained bleach and other harsh chemicals, which is never good. Then I came across this little home remedy which worked a treat and left my nails looking amazing (see below!)

3 Tablespoons of Bi-Carb Soda
30ml of Tempid Water
The juice of one lemon

Rub and massage the mixture onto nails for 5 minutes per hand, the mixture is a thick paste and when rubbed into the nail bed exfoliates any clingy cuticles off the nail leaving nails smooth and very clean.
The lemon and Bi-Carb are natural cleaning and lightening agents which remove the staining.

My nails have never looked So Fresh 'N So Clean......Best of all no buffing away any much needed layers of my already thin nails.

Try it at home and tell me if it works for you?


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xxx Nella

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