Sunday, 16 December 2012

Christmas Picks: Glitter Edition : Make Up Store

What  do you get a glitter or sparkle or tinsel obsessed makeup Girlfriend / Mother / Best Friend / Wife? 
Here are my top picks from Make Up Store:

Medium Makeup bag in 'Twinkle Hot Pink' $37.00
This bag is super cute with two-tone red and silver sequins, it is also a great size to fit all your essentials. Makeup bags are so important to girls, it is the height of embarrassment if you are in a public bathroom and you whip out a stained rag of a makeup bag. 

Nail Polish in 'Greta' $26.00
OHHHHH MYYYYYYY GOOOODDDD!!! This nail polish is the coolest holographic sparkley colour, it shines bright like a diamond for sure.

Eye Glitter in 'Scorpio' $28.00
Instant party eyes! Why bother with anything matte 'tis the season to sparkle!

Lipstick in 'Crisp' $35.00
The perfect crimson red, not too bright and not too vampy - just perfect for day and night during the holidays.

This is my first of a few last minute Christmas Picks, if you are anything like me you are all over the place and you have left your Christmas's shopping right up to the last minute.

Lots of Christmas Cheer,

Nella xoxo

Also keep reading tomorrow there will be a very special Christmas giveaway!

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