Sunday, 7 October 2012

Beauté Gazette's Work Out Face

After a week's recovery from being ill and feeling like death becomes her, I have rejoined the world. This morning I attempted some exercise which I was dreading after laying on my bum all week - I felt like anything but fit and healthy.
To pep myself up I decided to apply some products which are exercise proof, meaning they are not going to run down your face at the gym or if you decide to go for a spontaneous dip after your run you aren't going to freak the poor kids in the wading pool out with your panda eyes.

Revlon Grow Lucious Waterproof Mascara $18.70(On sale)
One of my favorite youtuber's Chelsea (Chelseawears check her out!) uses this mascara all the time, and I have always been suspicious of it because Revlon mascara's in the past haven't impressed me BUT seeing this on sale at the discount chemist - like an obsessed bargin hunter- I picked it up and now love it! The packaging is awful, but it is a really good mascara for those days you need natural lashes not spider eyes.
Available from Chemist Warehouse

Ella Baché Sunguard Foundation 30+ $46.00
This is the thickest goopiest foundation sunscreen ever, but it covers like no other you can sweat, rub, swim and it won't budge. This is great for across your nose if you are out doors in summer, it's like grown ups zinc.
Available from Ella Baché

Bobbi Brown SPF15 Lip Balm $42.00
If you are exercising outside in the sun protecting your lips is really important, the last thing you want is sun spots on your lips. Ewwwww
Available from David Jones Stores

Becca Beach Tint in Watermelon $42.00
This is adorable, not overly pigmented it is very much a tint - not a blush. When applied with fingers on the apples of your cheeks it leaves a dewy glow mimicking a radiant post warm up jog glow. 
Available from 

Smashbox Brow Tech To Go $38.95
Groomed eyebrows can change your face, even if you are sweating up a storm on the cross trainer at the gym and your hair is a mess, having groomed eyebrows will still make you look composed. If your gym crush happens to be lifting weights across the way he will be able to make out if you are giving him a cheeky wink, and you're not just freaking out that the cross trainer went up to level 8 resistance.
Smashbox available from

Almost dying trying to get back into soft sand running this morning on the beach.

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