Thursday, 27 September 2012

GIRLS at the Emmy Awards + What's in your party clutch?

So even though GIRLS didn't win any actual Emmy's this season it has been the best series since Twin Peaks in my opinion. I felt compelled to take to my blog to express this, which I am sure one character or another from the show would have done if they were in my position, shit I might even put this on Twitter too and Instagram the hell out of it. Because that's what girls do in their 20's, right?  My favorite line from Girls is when Hannah is talking to her parents about how she is going to become a writer and needs them to support her financially for a little while (I have had this exact same conversation with my parents, but was too pre-occupied with myself to blab out such a winning line) and the way she delivered it made me think she was such a jerk and it also made myself feel like a mega jerk : 'I think I may be the voice of my generation......or at least a voice.....of a generation.'

So-what, this is a total make believe 'What's in my clutch?' The way GIRLS is written you kinda feel like you know each of the characters really well - almost too well, either your best friend reminds you of Shoshanna or you work with a Marnie or your boyfriend cheated on you with Jessa and you like me cringe at the fact that you have more than 10 similarities to Hannah.

Clutch : Marni from £345.85
None of the girls carried a clutch, I just am obsessed with this cutie from Marni and am thinking that if I put it into the universe magically in my come to me in someway.

Mini Oreo's : Before the Emmy's Lena Denham instagrammed a photo of her naked eating a whole cake with her hands, so from that we know the girl likes sweets. Did anyone else even watch the Emmy's? It was about 1 million hours long and with all those constricting dresses in the room and actresses that hadn't eaten in days the most annoying thing would be to wave a packet of mini oreo's in their faces.

Chanel blotting papers : These were released a little while ago, I don't know if they are still available? But I have them in my makeup stash waiting for a fancy enough occasion to whip them out.

Dior Kohl Eyeliner in Black : I have kind of imagined that Lena, Zosia and Alison all got ready together in a hotel room and they all had their makeup done and no one was more famous than the others. What I liked most about Lena's makeup was her strong kohl eye, it wasn't a slutty I am wearing heaps of eye makeup kardashian vibe it was an even kohl matte outline of the eyes which made her chestnut eyes look incredible.

Ellis Faas Glazed Lips in Sheer Soft pink : There was no throw back retro lips amongst the GIRLS cast, leave that to Zooey Deschanel. Ellis Faas is a brand which is interesting enough to show off in a bathroom full of famous people in a bathroom at the Emmy's but the lasting time and colours are also very flattering and classic.

Prada Candy EDP : Maybe to match her dress or maybe because it smells like cake. I had this perfume on my desk for ages and to be honest I immediately hated it, it is sickly sweet but since the Night Jasmine is in bloom and everything in life is sweeter again I have found myself reaching for it.

Estee Lauder Alligator print gold compact : I have a strong image in my mind of starlets leaning up to the Emmy's bathroom mirror all powdering their noses with these gold compacts. This is totally a fictional day dream and I know and probably the only person who carries a compact like this around in real life if Joan Collins.

Iphone : Probably with a jazzy/cute/comedy cover on it. To instagram /tweet/facebook and remember the whole night with.

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  1. Hi Nella

    I think your writing is terrific! I'm sure you don't need financial support from your parents. Your an all round success!



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