Monday, 10 September 2012

Beauté Gazette LOVES Maison Balzac by Elise Pioch

I find it so incredibly tricky picking a candles to sit on your desk, bedside table or next to the bathtub. Firstly there are so many to choose from it seems there is a tsunami of candles on the market at the moment. You don't want a candle that everyone has or that has a scent which is over powering and un-naturally scented which are completely suffocating. Candles in your home should be individual and mimic the notes in your favorite perfume. 
My candle dreams and prayers have been answered! Maison Balzac Candles created by Elise Pioch are a unique and beautiful line of candles inspired by her memories of the South of France. 5 scents have been perfected by her perfumer to recreate the smells of the French Mediterranean.
Le Bois The Wood The warm perfume of an old wooden floor board.
L'Englise The Church The dreamy vapours of incense and burning candles in a church.
La Rose The Rose A french garden filled with sun and old fashioned Roses.
Le Soleil The Sun The raw perfume of the Sun.
Le Sud The South The authentic smell of Provence.

Maison Balzac Candles $45.00 each

I met Elise before she had her sea change and she told me about how she was creating a line of candles, knowing Elise I knew I would love them. She speaks with warmth and listens to you with genuine interest, when you are in her company it makes you feel special. With qualities like that you know whatever she sets her mind and heart to is going to be truly amazing. She was also lovely enough to answer 5 questions I had been desperate to ask her:

What scents are you drawn to and why? Does scent hold nostalgia? Are you drawn  to scents that bring back memories? 
I am in love with scents from the sea and the land. Sea mist, fresh fish, prawn head, oysters, sea weeds on the rocks... But also mushrooms in a forest, soil after the rain, thyme, rosemary, the bark of a pine tree. My parents took us hunting and gathering every week end so these smells are familiar and comforting.

What are your beauty treasures and treats? Are there any special products that you could not live without?
I don't use many products as I believe in natural basics: eating fresh food, drinking lots of thyme/ lemon/ honey tea, being happy and getting surrounded by the nature as often as possible. Of course I tried La Mer and La Prairie products, I don't mind miraculous help from the science!  At the moment I am using Carita serum and moisturizer, they smell like the sea! I could not go anywhere without my New York Red Chanel lipstick.

Current Obsessions?
Totally obsessed with Marni current Pre-Fall 12 in store now, my zucchini seedlings, FIP radio station and home made couscous. Ah also I am in love with Iris Apfel.

What is your favorite thing about what you do? In the process of your candles? 
In order to create my range of candles I have used every piece of knowledge and experience I have gained throughout my professional and personal life. Everything suddenly made sense. I particularly enjoyed the process to decide on a perfume, it is extremely poetic and subjective.

Who is your favorite beauty Icon? 
La belle in The Beauty and The Beast by Jean Cocteau.

Maison Balzac candles are available online from My Chameleon
Australian Stockists include: Belinda Stores, Blood Orange, Mark Tuckey, Laine, Poepke, The Corner Shop & Mariposa

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