Friday, 31 August 2012

NPAA X Beauté Gazette

As well as being the coolest girl in the world and a makeup obsessed human I also have a nail club with my friend Fleur called N.P.A.A Nail Polish Addicts Anonymous. We started started it to bring all our friends together who were sitting in their lounge rooms painting there nails alone and bored. Painting your nails shouldn't be an activity that is done when you are bored, it should be a really fun time with all your friends and other enthusiasts. 
N.P.A.A has been going strong for 4 months now and we are so excited so many girls are so into it, so we have started a blog and a new facebook page. If that wasn't cool enough we are now available for BOOKINGS! Office parties, girlie nights in, birthdays, hens nights, bat mizvahs anything you might like a bit of nail party fun to make it a super sweet special night. The set up is that depending on how big your event is will determine how many N.P.A.A members we will need to paint  your guests nails. We will bring a rainbow of colours and also designs for your guest to choose from and we can even design something specially for your event. 

N.P.A.A are totally NAIL'IN IT!

For bookings emails

*I will still be posting loads of nail polish and manicure mondays on Beauté Gazette, please don't fret.

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