Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Nail Polish Olympics....Way better than the sporting Olympics

Revlon Top Speed is fantastic it actually dries at Top Speed like its name! Not like some of the other 'fast drying' polishes which will leave you busting and holding on to go to the toilet because you are scared of smudging your fresh nails.
There is nothing I don't love about this polish, for the price it offers a seamless application and a great colour range. I don't mind paying a little bit more knowing that the polish is going to deliver great results.

I love the brush on Rimmel pro polishes, it is perfectly shaped to fit into the half moon of your nailbed. It is a fantastic line of polish which offers all the standard classic nail polish colours you could want - that is a plus and minus for me, I do love a crazy bright or neon glitter. The reason Rimmel pro didn't take out first place is because of chipping, when applied with a good topcoat (see best base and top coats below) it will last 3 days or so with no chips then all of a sudden a whole nail will peel off. It really freaks me out.

Didn't see this one coming did you! I LOVE AMERICAN APPAREL NAIL POLISHES, the colour selection is phenomenal, the bottles are pretty cool looking too and you can always pick up extra leggings when you are at American Apparel buying nail polish. The colours are so different from the norm' which I why I like them, you will get lots of compliments and questions when you don and AA nail. 

Can Mecca Cosmetica stock Deborah Lippmann already???? Shhheessshhhh.
Deborah Lippmann is seriously nailing the glitter polishes, I have banged on about 'Accross the Universe' enough well that was until I discovered 'Happy Birthday' which is basically confetti for your nails.
Holy Moly if I wasn't such a nail polish floosy and I had lots of money I would be happy only wearing Deborah Lippmann polishes forever.

This collection blew my mind when it came out, it was when shatter polishes came out and for 2 seconds they were cool. The glitter base colours Teenage dream (pink) and Last Friday Night (blue) are my favorites - duh, both dense enough to wear on there own. They are packed with duo-chrome micro shimmer glitter bits which are so pretty and will turn the most anti-glitter critic. The one that got away is a deep berry with a slight shimmer, it is my go to pedicure colour for winter. 'Not like the movies' is a steel silver which gives off a pink cast, it is great for gradient nails. And lets not talk about the black shatter.

OK so over time I have tried all high end nail polish brands, and as much as I love the colour options from Chanel  -  they chip on me like crazy, Dior is slightly better but the colours never jump at me or I have something similar already. So that's why I like Yves Saint Laurent for high end nail polish,  it applies without streaking and it doesn't chip too quickly. They also tie in nail polishes beautifully with their collections and compliment the overall look and feel rather than just an add on. My go to neo-classic red nail is YSL's N1 Rouge Pop Art, a milky neon pink based red which is so luxurious and pretty.

If you are a true nail polish nutter then you will know the importance of a good base coat, stained yellow nails are the most hideous thought imaginable. Sally Hansen Insta-Grip dries SUPER fast like 2 seconds, no faffying about here because you have more important things like perfecting neon animal print nails!
Seche Vite is my holy grail be all and end all top coat, it dries relatively fast compared to other top coats and keeps your polish looking hi-gloss and fresh for at least 4 days. Go get it, don't waste your time with anything else.

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