Tuesday, 24 July 2012

The Smooth Down

Just because we are in the depths of winter, well a really lame attempt at winter - last week I was laying out like a sun bear - Ladies, sisters, babes, girlfriends, chikas we must not forget about our legs! Tucked away in 70 denier tights and hopefully wrapped around your lover in bed and not in track pants during these colder months let me talk you through maintaining silky pins like a goddess.

Lets start in the shower you need to get rid of any dead skin or dry patches by exfoliating like a crazy person. Use a granulated scrub I like Lush's Rub Rub Rub $19.95 if you are using a scrub on its own go in circular motions with your leg out of the shower spray when you are applying it. If using a scrub on its own isn't intense enough for you - up the ante with an exfoliating towel like BodyShop's Exfoliating towel $5.00 place about a cherry tomato sized blob of scub in the towel and go mental, the whole way up to your butt! You should be rubbing very vigorously, this is not a half hearted activity!

Just because you aren't sassing it up in a skirt which is the size of a tea towel like you were in summer, doesnt mean your legs should look like John Travolta's chest! Soap is not sufficiant as a shaving lube, it will only make them even dryer and reptile like. Try using a shaving oil L'Occitane's Almond Shower Oil $36.00 your razor will glide along your leg and you skin will soak up the excess oil. I shudder at the thought of those flimsy disposible razors, they just make me think of Winona Ryder in Girl Interupted. I have been using Gilette Venus $12.70 Razors since I first started shaving my legs (year 7 for netball) they have never given me any knicks or cuts just silky smooth steams.

This is a french thing, lets face it those french girls are beautiful and know whats going on in the hot-vibe-getting-boyfriend-stakes. This activity takes place out of the shower when you are dry (not weird at all promise!) basically the brushing increases circulation to the area which apparently will reduce cellulite and brushing towards the heart promotes health blood flow. If something can reduce cellulite and its not liposuction I will try it! Manicare Cellulite Bristle Brush $13.99.

I am very fussy about moisturizers, smell especially. Sometimes you can put a moisturizer on in the morning and then by mid afternoon long after your perfume as warn off you feel sufficated in the stench of pommegrant and coconut from your moisturizer. St Ives Body Lotion $8.50 this is a huge pump pack and isn't something I am normally drawn too but this stuff rules, its got silicone in it so it makes your legs feel super smooth, it is my go to date moisturizer if you think you are going to get hot and heavy in a make-out sesh use this prior trust me! Korres Body Milk Vanilla and Cinnamon $28.95 - and only Vanilla and Cinnamon. This is my at home pamper moisturizer it smells damn good like a really expensive chai latte that you want to pour on your legs, if I want to get all home spa I use the matching shower gel too. Nutrogena Body Oil $35.00 if you do dare to bare during winter then you best oil up because unless you are addicted to spray tanning then you are going to be really ghosty!

Whoop! Naomi! Best pins in the biz - Suck it up Tyra!

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