Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Real Techniques Brushes : Core Collection

I previously posted about the much anticipated Real Techniques brushes, well they are now available Australia wide at Priceline stores. Deciding I would start with the 'Core Collection' consisting of 4 brushes designed to perfect your makeup base, usually one for applying my foundation with my fingers or if I have a little time on my hands I will use my Sigma F80 brush. Am I over complicating my routine by adding these brushes? Hells to the no! These brushes are a breeze and blend out product in seconds flat, here's my round up (from left):

Primarily for applying liquid foundation this brush works miracles, seriously. I have been pumping 2 squirts of foundation (I am testing out Lancome Teint Mircacle at the moment) on the back of my hand and dabbing the brush on the foundation to lightly coat the bristles and starting at the centre of my face and blending out. It leaves a seamless finish and is good at allowing you to build up your foundation in areas you need more coverage. My only qualms are that I would like it to be slightly more dense and I wouldn't try and apply mineral foundations with this brush as it would place the product on the skin rather than blending it out.

Well I don't now who would uses this small brush for foundation? Maybe a gnome? What it is good for is applying highlighter to the tops of your cheek bones, brow arch and cupids bow. It's also great for applying setting powder to small areas like under eye or chin.

The box says that this brush is for applying concealer or lipstick hmmmmm -  I don't think so! The tapered end to the brush is brilliant for taking cream eyeshadow under the eye and blending it into the lower lash line.

Woah this brush is phenomenal! I have been using this with Soleil Tan de Chanel which is a cream bronzer to contour my 'cheek bones' and temples -  I don't normally have cheek bones but now I do! Holy Moly this brush sits so comfortably into the hollow of your cheek bone when you make a fish face, in circular motions it carves out cheek bones like you are chipping at marble sculpture.

Ok so here's the deal, at all possible occasions we should all be trying buy our products from local Australian retail stores to support our economy and promote local business. Here are your options of buying Real Techniques brushes - Just saying:

Real Techniques 'Core Collection' AU$45.00 Priceline

Real Techniques 'Core Collection' US$17.99 iHerb

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