Sunday, 1 July 2012

Just Another Manicure Monday : Monet Nails

My ultimate job would be to invent nail polish colours and come up with the completely crazy names - can you imagine how cool that would be, unfortunately I haven't found any jobs matching that description on recently. 
So my nail polish creativity is being let out by following nail tutorials on youTube and attempting them at home. My latest obsession is 'Water colour nails' or as I have dubbed them 'Monet Nails' and they are a real piece of cake to do - Just follow Jen's youTube instructions  *warning* she does make it look alot easier than it is and it can get quite messy so put down some scrap paper and do not do this on your white carpet wearing your new white cashmere jumper. I used similar pastel colours because they blened well but you could choose which ever colours you liked.
If you do try your own version of 'Monet Nails' I would love to see them posted on instagram and tag me @nellavanveenendaal. 

'Meadows at giverny - Monet'

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