Friday, 13 July 2012

Hair Party!

Khloe Kardashian is really having a hair party this season on Keeping up with the Kardashians, one scene she has a necklace pinned into her scalp the next she has stuck some gold stickers on her forehead - but no one says a thing like its totally normal. I am so konfused!
Like Khloe I am having a hair party or more like a 4 day non stop hair rave! If there is something I can pin/tie/clip/strap to my head then I am so into it. Subtle for day or super fancy for night, let me guide you through the guest list to my hair party:

1. Loose falling out bun with a black ribbon
This is mainly for day or this is sometimes the result of a very energetic dance move. Styling-wise this is an organic style, just do a loose bun and then do 35 star jumps then tie a cute little black ribbon in it! 

2. Evil Eye Bobby Pins
These rule so hard! I don't have these but I am completely obsessed, they really give new meaning to the old 'eyes in the back of my head' mum saying. 

3. Trinket Crazy
Do you own a hot glue gun? Did you know you can make anything a hair accessory by gluing it to a bobby pin? Well you do now - GO CRAZY!

4. Posh Pearls
So pretty! Pearl pins near or around the face can look a bit odd like a growth or something - try placing the pearl ended pins at the back of a low bun.

5. Comedy Clips
These are the hair equivalent of those giant wall hanging swatch watches. That only the coolest kids in school had when you were growing up, these clips are exactly the same.

6. Bow Peep
This is probably my favorite, its a good idea to section your hair and fasten with a hair tie before tying a massive satin bow in it. The floppy bow is really great if you have quite flat hair it adds lots of volume.
My love for a Gossip Girl Alice Band is infinite!This one is by Romance Was Born and it is the perfect hair party accessory when you have your hair out and wavey ravey.

Places I like get my hair party pretties from:

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  1. love those huge clips! xx


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